a bong that cools THC too much?

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  1. hey guys and gals of grasscity. this is my first post and it is one of paramount importance. i'm building a new metal bong that will go through 3 stages of cooling; 2 copper heat sink coils that are in a bath of liquid nitrogen and one 60cm water bong w/ diffuser. this is going to cool the weed a LOT, and that got me thinking, would cooling the smoke too much cause the THC to re-crystalise along the inside of the pipes giving me a really weak high. the bong is yet to be completed so i have not tested it but i'm wondering if anyone has heard of this happening or know enough about the chemical properties of THC to be able to advise.

    thankyou in advance. if this bong turns out to be a winner i will post instructions on how to build it here.
  2. Impossible.

  3. If you're using liquid nitrogen to cool the smoke you'll probably injure yourself. The nitrogen stands a chance to cool the air inside the tubing to the point that water vapor is freezing, if you get that in your lungs, probably REALLY bad for you.

    Oh and copper's not good for inhaling through at all.

    And about the THC, I doubt it, but sure it's possible.
  4. You can inhale through copper just fine. You just have to make sure that none of the copper comes in contact with heat while you're smoking.

    The fumes could be dangerous.

  5. Why havent stoners learnt not to play with dangerous chemicals yet?
  6. the copper pipes do not come in contact with any water or any heat source, i have fitted standard aluminium down pipes to do that. that way i avoid/delay corrosion and keep myself from inhaling the evil fumes yet heel the heat absobtion properties of copper. as for the nitrogen, yes, i would freeze my lungs. that is why i have the option of filling the coil's bath with water instead...or just put in very little nitrogen.

    but you guys are sure that it is not possible to "over-cool" your weed.

  7. Not enough have died yet :D
  8. Yes it is possible to cool the smoke to the point where THC condenses into solution.

    This whole project has fail written on it IMO. Not because of any loss of THC, but because liquid nitrogen is dangerous AND because cooling the stuff you inhale too much is just as bad as inhaling gasses that are too hot.

    Just stick with an icecatcher bong if you want a cool hit.
  9. Ice catchers are good, but the Illadelph coil condenser has given me the coolest smoke yet!:smoking:
  10. Bong hits are unhealthy to begin with; they contain a lot of moisture and you are forcing a HUGE volume of smoke into your lungs. The little bit of tar they filter out doesn't make them any healthier; they just let you take huge hits.

    Cooling the smoke TOO much is just as bad as scorching your lungs with smoke that's too hot.
  11. ok, thanks for the replys. i'll ditch the nitrogen idea and go for water instead...or just have it air cooled. i'll post a pic once it is done and tell you guys if it worked at all.
  12. lol a bong isnt any less healthy then another meathod of smoking...
  13. Please show me the post where I said it was. ALL smoking involves damage to lung tissue. The only safe way to inhale cannabis is a vaporizer.

    I also didn't say I don't enjoy bong hits. I do. I just do it with open eyes and not under the illusion that they are somehow magically healthier ;)
  14. Don't be messing with OSG, dude knows his shit. haha
  15. sorry you just made it seem like you were saying bongs were unhealthier then other ways of smoking because theres moisture and you inhale large amounts of smoke at a time.
  16. No worries. I say what I mean; if I wanted to say that I'd have said it ;)

    Let's smoke :smoking:
  17. I get a boner when OSG lays down his knowledge on a bitch.

    As for your idea, I don't think that all of the properties you are suggesting are very safe.

    Edit: Grammar error
  18. can you post a diagram of how this bong is gonna look, i find this very interesting
  19. how about you buy an illadelph coil
  20. Darwin works in mysterious ways...;)

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