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  1. i just want to rant, i dont care if nobody reads this, or if people think its lame. i just want to rant.
    thats whats happening at the moment, where everything seems to just ..well, i dunno. be generally shit,

    i'm 24 and i have recently been diagnosed (i.e, last week) with quite severe dyslexia, aswell as irlens syndrome.
    my grandad had a heart attack last week that apprently should of killed him. hes in hospital, but he's not someone i wanna lose.
    a friend of the family is so close to death that you wouldnt be able to pick out from a pile of corpses thanks to cancer. he's such a lovely geniune bloke that he dosnt deserve it.(aswell as having two teeth taken out, and getting a reaction the anesthetic which left me quite ill for an entire week)

    on top of all that....got assignments, exams and uni. and now every waking hour is filled with "fuck, i'm dyslexic... what if i had been diagnosed earlier?" (i;d be in the merchant navy on £30k a year, thats what!)

    a few bonus's... found out my IQ is in the top 3%. and that a combination of my intelligence and weed has hidden dyslexia all these years. cos of my IQ i manage to cope with dyslexia, and the weed toned down my stress and anxiety caused by dyslexia, meaning it stayed very well hidden!

    ugh...end of. time to go get some green.
  2. If you have severe dyslexia and a disease that causes some sort of visual disturbance.

    Then how exactly did you write this? And furthermore, how the hell did you not notice this WAY earlier in life, like, you seriously have just never noticed that everytime you read something letters start morphing and changing places?

    Overall, since you're in a college, (and you claim to have the intellectual abilities to get into MENSA), I really don't think this dsylexia is to big of a handicap for you.

    Either way, im sorry that you are dealing with the death of people close to you, I know how bad that can fuck people up, sometimes you're just never the same afterwards.
  3. Sorry to hear about your grandpa and family friend, medical issues are never nice to deal with. However,
    Sounds to me like you're letting the label of "Dyslexia" scare you into thinking you're not capable of living your life, but you've made it this far with the same problems you just didn't know about. What does the diagnosis change? Keep on going to University.

  4. thats exactly whats happening, i know it shouldnt change a damn thing. but it has, because of everything happening all of a sudden. i will be back on track soon enough...i hope.

    because of my IQ, and my love of reading - i can spell most words fine, because i visualise how to spell. words that i havnt heard before i cant spell at all, cant even get the phonetics right sometimes. and the visual impairment does not cause letters to morph and change - its very subtle and causes me to tire quickly, re-read passages frequently, losing my place on a page every 5 lines or so.
    also, i never noticed it because i presumed it was "normal".

    Overall, since you're in a college, (and you claim to have the intellectual abilities to get into MENSA), I really don't think this dsylexia is to big of a handicap for you.
    university, not college (bit different here in the uk). its not a major handicap in everyday life at all. it becomes a problem when i have to write assignments and stuff, i understand the data, can explain everything verbally...but when it comes to writing stuff down, i draw blanks and fail to get anything to read/sound right.

    thanks for the support, i just wanted to get it off my chest. and i do feel better now for doing it.
  5. interesting, you are a smart man, be thankful for that! i am smart, yet uneducated and probably never will be due to sheer lack of motivation.
  6. Dude, I am dyslexic and also in the higher percentile of IQ's. It's no big deal, I have lived with it all my life. I just never could spell worth a damn. It might be an inconvienience, but at least it isn't fatal.

    Now Cancer, THAT'S what you never want to have diagnosed.....

  7. cheers man, it was just the shock of finding out later in life, after most of my education - i'm a little shocked it wasnt picked up on before now. 'cos at school i was in the top class for everything except english, where i was in the bottom set. and yet nobody clicked!
  8. I've had really close friends of mine die man and its tough man. It really was a test of my growth and endurance. I overcame it but that feeling of waking up and knowing that person I held so close to me is gone, is the second worst feeling I've experienced. It taught me that life goes on and that those people wouldn't want me to quit. So I had to persevere all by myself. Too much talking, but what I'm saying is that if you keep strong dude you'll be alright. Yea it'll be a hell of an emotional ride but don't stop living your life.

    I hope I helped! You got support here on GC dude! Peace
  9. Sent a prayer your way, hope everything turns out good.

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