A Bizzare Mushroom Experience

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    Well, I have been tripping on mushrooms pretty frequently lately. I have taken them 6 times in the past 3 weeks. That is aside from the point though. I did them with a friend yesterday, I have done them with him 3 times, 2 times at a roughly 1.75g-2g dose. Well, yesterday we decided to do 3.5 grams, and it was his first time tripping at this dose. I took mine in three seperate doses. Not because I think they are bad tasting, but I just wanted to slowly slide into it. Well my friend took a half eight, and he asked me if I thought it was good for him to take the rest of it. He seemed very unsure at the time, and I was already coming up pretty good, so in my state of mind I thought "He will think it is awesome" and I told him to just eat the rest. Well I went back inside and went into the bathroom, and the lights were off and I was getting really heavy visuals. I sort of realised at that point that these were in fact very potent. I came back outside and I got my friend to go on a walk with me. As we were walking, everything was just amazing. The trees, the flowers, grass, everything was beautiful like a normal trip. Well we walk pretty far, and I was pretty exhausted when we got back to the house. As we were walking down the sidewalk my friend started acting really bizzare, like he was hopping up and down like pretty much saying really loudly that he couldn't wait to get inside to smoke some hash. I was pretty pissed off because the neighbors could easily hear this. We got to my garage door, and I just walked inside permagrin. I wasn't really paying attention to where my friend was at, and I went inside to load some hash. I took like three hits of it when I realized that my friend wasn't in the basement with me. I run upstairs real quick and go out into the garage. I looked out the garage door and he was just laying on the ground flailing around. I told him to get up and stop fucking around, but he wouldn't get up. At the time I thought "Oh shit, he went bat shit crazy". Well then he started saying shit like "I am god" and "Infinity". I tried to drag him inside and he was being a real bitch, for lack of a better word. Like he was trying to resist me and shit. I was so fucking pissed. I tried carrying him down the steps and he wouldn't move his feet to help me whatsoever. This pretty much ruined my trip, and the lovely beatles that was playing now sounded horrible to my ears. I sat there for about a hour and half CONSTANTLY having to make him stay where he was. I was pissed, because why would I have to tripsit someone while tripping? Well, after I started saying that we didn't take enough to go crazy like that he just fucking snapped out of it. All in all I didn't like that mushroom trip at all. The next time I do them I am doing them by myself. I don't know if it is just people not knowing themselves well enough or what, but I could never see myself going apeshit like that. He was also screaming when he was sitting in the garage.

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