A bit...Strange..

Discussion in 'General' started by BuketBrain, May 6, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Yesterday. I bought some dope, well.. you probably don't class it as dope as it was 'resin/tac'
    So, we got blitzed... But, today I have a BAD ass headache. I didn't drink or anything, and the headache started when I stood up after smoking the weed.

    So, yeah..
    Been on Paracetemol all day.. :(
  2. yeah well i heard of people getting bad headaches from resin. it'll pass, but try not to buy the same strain/resin/tac from the sale dealer again
  3. Ok thanks,
    Got it from a friend who got it from his dealer. I shall be consulting him on this issue.
    Cya later, and thanks for the advice!

  4. never heard of a dealer actually selling resin
  5. It's just a hard brown lump really.. Lol, anyhoo.. I'm off to calm my nerves with a few buckets. Later days fellow stoneroos:smoking:
  6. the only thing that really takes headaches away is sleep. take a nap and you'll feel so good when you wake up. nice and refreshed.

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