A Bit OT - Mexican drug gang guards pope for the weekend

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by xdog, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Mexican drug gang guards pope for the weekend

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    Looks like Pope Benedict won't need his bulletproof popemobile for his trip to Guanajuato this weekend. The Knights Templar, one of Mexico's most vicious drug cartels, has bizarrely anointed itself as the makeshift security force for His Holiness, proclaiming a ceasefire during his three-day visit and hanging up banners around the state warning rival gangs not to get trigger-happy. The group purged its own bloodthirsty urges ahead of time, dumping 10 severed heads outside a Teloloapan slaughterhouse this week. Don't think that gang members might have a spiritual reawakening after the pope's visit -- the murder moratorium is just for the weekend, so they can begin their carnage-heavy workweek again on Monday.

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