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Discussion in 'General' started by blazing llama, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. This dosn't pertain to Marijuana in anyway, but I figured someone would still have my answer here. This question goes to the Psilocybin (Mushroom) fans, and anyone that knows the laws well enough.

    I have noticed on two sites, they offer mushrooms that aren't dried out, or in better terms, not prepared, meaning that they are still leqal. Now I have also noticed the same websites sell growing kits that come with the spores and all, but they claim these are legal as well.

    Considering they are so much cheaper online, I would be willing to consume the fresh mushrooms aposed to buying dried out ones from people. Online they are around 27 USA Dollars for 30 grams (fresh), not a bad deal considering they sell for 15 to 20 dollars a gram (dried) in my area. I know dried are better, but still $27 for 30 grams of fresh is a hell of alot better then $15 a gram dried from my area.

    My question now being, what exactly is the laws on this? I live in the USA, are they still illegal to order here? I don't want to go order anything and have the FED's show up at my house or something. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, the websites are www.grasscity.com and www.wellcoolstuff.com


  2. about how many dried mushrooms could you get from 30 grams of wet ones.
  3. the ratio from wet to dry is generally 10 to 1, so that means that those 30 grams you get, will be equal in potency to roughly 3 grams dry, but for $27, i guess its a little better price than the $15 a gram youre paying now. my advice to you would be to either buy a grow kit, or drive around until you find a field with some cows in it, and go picking. The shipping costs, and bullshit you might have to go through isnt worth it for buying raw mushrooms in the mail.
  4. Yeah madhatrr is correct, you only get about 1 gram of dried to 10 grams of fresh, but it can vary in some species. Most mushrooms are around 90% percent water, so you lose tons of weight after dried.

    Thanks for the advice, I've noticed growing kits to be fairly cheap. I may try this method, $50 for the grow kit and spore syringe, not a bad deal.

    Last question, does anyone know about how much you harvest (fresh weight) from a small grow box? I'm thinking about trying a "grow bag", so it isn't that big.


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