a bit of spending dilema - need advice

Discussion in 'General' started by iryad, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. i don't like bitching, i honestly don't, but this is kinda getting to me, and i think i need some advice..

    i have a group of smoking friends, love em to death, would do anything for them, these guys are like my brothers. they were there for my first, for my last, and everything else in between. we get high about every weekend including friday, and sometimes in between if we're really bored. we're not that heavy on the herb.

    i don't want to sound like a bitch, but my friends have rarely been pitching in when I buy weed recently. i spent almost a whole 1-week-paycheck on weed in 2 weeks, without any help! and on top of that, i'm almost always paying for munchies. last night we were talking about grabbing some more for tomorrow, and my friend asked me if I had any money, i told him I did, but i don't want to sound like a bitch and tell him that i don't want to pitch in. it sounds fucking rude, but i've just put in too much money recently, and my friends arn't even helping anymore!

    my paychecks are around 190 every week, and 100 every week is too much for me, and on top of that, another 40 a week for gas, that leaves me with just 50! I'm going through my first year of college, and i have to pay 100% of my college.

    i just don't know how to break it to them without sounding like a bitch. any help please :(
  2. lol! You won't sound like a bitch dude, in fact you sound like a bitch now for paying for them. They're using you like bitches. I'd tell them up front u want money for it. It's only fair. u dont have to make money but everyone should be fair about pitching up.
  3. Explain it to them just like you did to us:

    You've got a huge financial commitment paying for college, you're working for your money and can't afford to buy weed for everyone.

    I don't know what your situation is like, but my friends and I usually buy our own bags, just so that we don't end up in a situation like this arguing over who's smoking more or paying less or whatever.
  4. i understand you wantin to pay since their your best friends and everything, but just tell them" that you cant afford paying that much for weed everyweek, you guys need to pitch in some" if their as good as friends as you say they are, they wont mind pitching in more

  5. tell them what you told us they are being douchebags to you and if anything they will respect you more by telling them this and if they think you arent cool or call you a bitch then they arent your friends and fuck them
  6. Yeh Bro, Here's a good idea:

    Tell them your situation. That If THEY wanna smoke, THEY need to pitch in. If everyone's smoking, everyone should pay. If they're your good friends like you say, they shouldn't have a problem.
  7. dont buy any. when they ask if u got any say no how about you? if u keep givin it to em they will expect it. let them know your not the only one who buys it, make others pitch. bring a j and smoke it by yourself infront of them. if they ask for a hit ask em if they got a buck each they can pitch. tell em its not free and u cant afford to keep buying it.
  8. i think i will bring it up, and let them know what I think. i just wanted to make sure I woudent sound like a bitch saying it, thanks guys, i really appreciate it :)
  9. You gotta stand up for ya self son.... If im rolling up weed, that cost me 20 bucks, and 3 people are smoking it with me, they are throwin in 5 each.

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