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a bit of sad news :(

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. a friend of mine's brother died today in a car wreck. they were street racing and his car went into a tree. split the car right in half and threw him into the tree. i doubt he felt any pain.

    i didn't know him personally, but his brother was in my 1st period class in 12th grade. from what i hear the family's taking it pretty hard.
  2. sorry to hear that man. i hate to hear something like that. but its another lesson learned
  3. Cottons, I'm really sorry about that. That's awful! Tragedy is all around us, it seems. Yesterday, a good friend was killed in a wreck right down the road from me. She had a little 1 year old and thank goodness, she hadn't picked her up from daycare yet. A man slammed into her from behind and threw her into a tractor-trailer pulling a mobile home and it killed her....hopefully, instantly.

    It just goes to show you how uncertain and short life can be.

    I'm sending out some good karma for the families.
  4. 2 close family friends died this week. I know how you must be feeling cottons. I wasn't able to go to one of the funerals. I don't know about the other yet.

    Wheen it rains it pours.

    G'Day to all!
  5. sorry to hear...for all of really makes u stop and think how it could all end in a hert beat...peace
  6. that pisses me off people who fuckin drive stupid n kill peolpe makes me mad
  7. sorry to hear that rmjl and bh... i'm sending mad karma your ways, and to the families.

    thanks everyone for the kind words.

    my sister knew the guy... not very well, but she had met him a few times. she said he was a really good guy. if he was anything like his brother he definately was.

    they're looking for a red civic... apparantly the civic ran him off the road and caused him to hit the tree.
  8. damn dude, im sorry, that sucks! im really sorry ! that sucks dick!!!

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