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  1. So i have a 1000 and 600 watt setup. My 600 is running at 75% power right now so i do understand that does not help. The space itself is 5 ft wide 8 ft long. i had around 20 plants in the area. It is kept cool by a portable ac. Temp runs around 75 and humidity no higher then 32%. I did read that 50 watts a square ft is minimum and by running short on the 600 i am only a tad over half whats needed. i am growing in pro mix hp and some are in sunshine number 4. My local hydro guy told me sunshine is not much different then the pro mix. I am using 3 part gh, voodoo juice, piranha, bud candy, tarantula,rhino skin and humboldt honey es all at the specific times according to the label. i have ro water and i add cal magic by gh every watering along with the honey. My first few autos were a not so great harvest. I know i screwed them up by topping them and that is likely a big reason why they were messed up. i have some big bud and some lsd by barneys farm still in early phase of flowering. I tried to cover everything I do and was wondering what can i possibly do different to get a better harvest from the non autos that will be done soon. i can upload pics with details later. Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated.
    On another forum i have been told i went the additives and nutes = good gardner. i understand that and it is partly true now that i think about it. i will be cutting back on all the additives. i suppose i am more worried about my growing medium not being up to par or my lighting not being enough. i also forgot to add my ladies are in 3 or 4 gallon pots.


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