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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blancom, May 1, 2006.

  1. this is my first time growing,

    ive done a lot of reading on forums and ive tried to stick as closely to the advice that i found as i could, cash flow is a bit of a problem so i havent been able to to it exactly how i wanted to.

    everything was going good, the seedlings grew proportionately to about an inch but now the stalk is really thin and flimsy, it is sprouting its 5th leaf and the 2 leaves in the middle are about a cm long. But the stalk is only about a mm- 2 mm thick.

    It already flopped over once so i *very very carefully* dug up the seedling and replanted it deeper down. It is still growing after that and the leaves dont show and signs of discolouring.
  2. what lights are you using?,,id say they arent getting enough light to grow properly

    hope this helps:wave:
  3. i was really afraid that this would be the case

    like i said i have virtually no money so im actually just living off a 150w incandescent bulb

    im dieing to get a 125w CFL but i just dont have the cash

    also i know there is a lot of stuff saying they are useless but i found a random blacklight tube in my cupboard and i set that up shining onto the plant thinking it couldnt do any harm.

    So if i dont get a better light then my plant is pretty much doomed??

    ill put some pictures up tomorrow to show my plant.

    thanks for the reply!
  4. So I assume you've got a fan blowing on your plant at all times to strengthen the stalk, right?

    As for your lights... @_@

    You shouldn't have started growing until you acquired the proper equipment(what's the rush?). A 3-pack of 23w(90w equivalent) CFLs is only $10 at Home Depot. I advise you scrape together pocket change and buy some better lighting ASAP, otherwise you may as well sit your plant outside. Hell, it might do better out there under sunlight than slowly withering away under the bulb you currently have.

    Good luck...
  5. If you've been doing a lot of reading then you should know that is totally the wrong light. Sorry, but if you can't get the proper light on it then you aren't ready to grow, the plant just won't survive on wishful thinking.
  6. i was totally sure it was doomed to fail but my friend was totally sure that it would be fine.

    I reckon i could sell the UV pretty easily and buy a nice CFL

    yeh i do have a fan but its pretty powerful so i was scared it would do more harm than good if i left it blowing on the plant. Ill try and see if i can wire it up a light dimmer and see if i can maybe turn the power down or something.

    Thanks for the second opinions!

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