A Bigginner with a Bunch of questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a bigginger grower, and I'm about to grow a small plant (Misty is the strain). I was wandering if I really need fans, and what would the consiquences be if I didn't use them (because I can't under my circumstances). I was also wandering if the following light setup is okay to successfully grow my plant:
    1x 20 watt hallogen light
    1x 60 watt incandescent light (with blue bulb)
    1x 15 watt grow-lux flourescent light
  2. only your fluoro light is capable of producing light in the correct wavelength for you plant to use. The others are useless for growing.
  3. I have heard of 'screw-in' fluoros that just screw into normal lamps, will these do? and when you say that only the fluoro that I have will actually do anything, do you mean that I could just grow a plant with the one I have (only 15 watts).
  4. He means the other 2 lights are useless for growing.

    And you will definatly need more lights, make sure the are compact fluorescents, regular light bulbs will not work.
  5. Okay then, I obviusly need more light power, can any one suggest anything?

    And before you start talking about Mercury Filiments etc. I would just like to say that I live in an area where I can not get hold of professional lighting, nor am I willing on spending all my wages on buying a lamp. I also have only 40 cms width growing space (therefor the light can not exceed these dimensions).

  6. well under all the listed circumstances, its prolly best you just take it outdoor. you can start the grow and realize you will have to invest to even make it worth while. sorry, thats how these things work

  7. yes.... the screw in fluo's in normal lamps will work to grow...
  8. I can't be bothered to grow outside, as I will have to wait about 4 months before I can sow, and even longer before I can harvest.

    Thanks for all the replies, but one final question on conclusion:

    New Setup:
    2x 55 Watt flouro
    1X 15 Watt Gro-Lux flouro

    Will this be enough???

  9. HIGH All, your still going to have to wait at least 3 months (unless you are useing clones) to get a harvest indoors and that's if everything goes ok.

    You won't get many plants (I say 2) with the lights you are going to use. It will be enough though...too bad you couldn't get more light.
  10. Thanks to everyone that helped me on this one, and as I said, I am only growing one plant, and its for personal consumption, so 200 - 400 grams is plenty for me!!!

  11. growing indoors with the lights you have you'll get nowhere near 200-400grams.........that's what they tell you it'll grow, but usually that's outdoor figures, you'll be more likely to get approx 20 brams from your one plant.

    but it all depends on how long you veg the plant for, and also the strain etc.

    i use a 400w HPS and grow anywhere from 2 to 6 plants, and yield approx 1-2oz per plant..........that's by vegging for approx 1 month till their approx 12" high, and then flowering...........wish you good luck on the grow, and keep us posted how it goes.......pics as well if at all possible?.........Peace out.........Sid
  12. Cheers, even an ounce will do, I will keep you posted on how it goes with misty, and I will definately take pics,
  13. Fans...I need more fans. Fans cause the air to circulate, lower temps, strengthen the plant, help prevent mold, help stop fungus gnats from landing on soil...I can't praise fans enough for what they do. :D

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