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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Yo,

    Just wanna say a big thanks for all the posts and that on here. I'm a complete beginner and after reading many posts on here decided on a scrog setup and then picked out the best tricks and tips from here.

    One question I have at the moments is, are my buds too close? I mean there is not much I can do about it now but just wondered.

    180ltr pot (with divider in middle)

    2 X white widow (35% salvia 65% indica.

    CFL 300wAtt for first 5 weeks on 19/5 cycle

    Switch to 600watt MH week 5 18/6 cycle

    Switched to Hps 600wAtt at 8 weeks. 12/12 cycle with

    Ph from 6.3 to 7 (was too low st one point and started getting holes and stuff But 6.5 seems ok now.

    Organic nutes. Veg and bloom.


    500m/h ducting.

    Dehumidifier / fans.

    Currently just at the start of week 4 flower.

  2. [​IMG]
    check the chart, and yeah you are looking real good!

  3. Sorry I mean are the buds too close together? As in they have enough space to grow...

    But that chart is handy I was just checking my distances so thanks!
  4. the buds are Brill. just ensure you temps and Rh are in the zone


    good luck
  5. my hps 600watt at 18inches... Kept it this all the time he MH 600w was the same... CFL was like 5ml ...

    18 seems good for overall coverage any closer and he edges start to look darker... But maybe I can go an inch or so? Cheers
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  6. Your plants look great! I'm subbed hope to see them finish. Im on day 24 of flower. Curious to see how much yours blow mine away lol
  7. Mmmmmmmmmm, well I'm trying my best... Although first timer so could still go tits up! But been costly so far double what i budgeted for so gunna keep up the attention to detail and hopefully work out good

    Post some pics when done lol
  8. Lol I know what you mean! I have like 400 between lights, nutes, tent, soil, etc. But I been considering scrog I just dont know the best way to make a screen
  9. But my two plants are only like a week behind yours so im a little excited to see your updates haha
  10. Indoors scrog seems almost the only way... I think my plants would be so tall by now the light would be fully at its highest point and running out of space fast.... As it stands I haven't moved the light for a month and only starting to raise now...

    The plants have been topped once when young and that's it...

    I would strongly strongly recoupment to do it.

    There seems to be mains ways.

    First way is how I did it... Let the plant grow to the net and then force the plant to grown horizontal from a relatively young age I think mine were like 2 and a bit weeks when they hit the net which was 10 inches above the soil. Then just tuck and weave and let the bud site grow up vertically.. As mine is.

    Or other option let your plant grow to 4-6weeks veg and then supercrop and force it under a net horizontally the veg a bit more and flower...

    Both meathods work, I have done what I believe to be the more traditional meathod which so far has been fantastic.

    anyway blabbing on here... We will see!!
  11. Awesome thanks for the advice. Yeah next grow I am gonna attempt it because my plants are reaching 4ft from soil and it is super annoying I already have them staked because one was starting to lean bad and there's not even any bud weight yet. Lol
  12. Screen is easy!!

    4 X bits of wood say in my case 1200mm (50x25mm square)

    Arrange these 4 strips of wood in a square and fix each corner some how.... I used load of small thin nails and banged in with a hammer.

    Now u have a big square frame

    Mark out on each length 100ml spacings using a marker pen, make little dots.

    Get some mediums to small nails and bang in the nails where u marked points so like half a bag of nails

    Now get some bog standard string and wrap around the nails and cross over until you have a net frame like this

    Nice and tight...

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  13. Thanks a lot man! Best explanation I've heard so far. Will certainly be adding a screen to my tent next grow. Wish I could now. Lol. Btw did you just tape the screen to the poles in your tent to hold it in place?

  14. Using the 1200mm 50x25 lengths I cut 4 X say 80mm long bits so u end up with 4 X almost cube little sections I then using duct tape attached these to the poles... Meaning each little cube has a flat surface on top... Then taped the frame to each corner and I used string as I noticed the frame started to come off the cubes the string just helps brace or in place to be honest mate as long as it stays in place that's cool so any diy job will do it.
  15. Oh and remember to supercrop at least 2 sessions once when 4-5 weeks and then again 1 week before flower well worth doing for increased yeild...

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  16. Super cropping makes scrogging easier to achieve as once supercropping is done all the vertical parts are now horizontal so they naturally go under the net easier.... Supercropping is a must... Good luck!!

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