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A big scrog

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by caain, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Alright so I've been looking a lot at scrog grows and methods etc trying to see what would work best for me and im pretty sure on what ill do but I'd like to here a few experienced opinions before I go rushing in and risk lowering my yield at all !

    Most of the scrogs I have seen so far are small ones, normally cloned plants, with a short veg time .
    That is not what I wanna do

    I am going to grow three 'orange bud' feminized on one side with its own screen, and 3 'euforia' feminized(all six from seed obviously) on the other side, with its own screen. They are both sativas from Dutch passion.
    What I want to do is grow some pretty large fuckin plants. Nothing ridiculous, but I want em big. :)
    I will have x2 600 watters in the 12x8 grow area, the walls will be reflective Mylar placed along the actual walls of the room. I will have co2 runnin in the room, with 2-4 medium size fans for circulation, a few exhaust fans and some other good stuff that is needed to grow.
    The actual scrog area is 6x4 , each of the six plants have nearly 2 foot either way they can grow into, and they can reach up to four foot tall.

    So, I am thinking nearly three months of veg, does that sound about right? I figure they will be pretty huge by that time and by the time there done be around the size I am looking to achieve :D

    Any advice or suggestions GREATLY appreciated, I am most definitely a beginner to growing, this will only be second time giving it a try.

    *oh also, about how high should I place my screen for the results I want? 12in? 20in?*

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    The setup looks great!

    Screen height all depends on how long you plan to veg since it will eventually make its way to the screen and be able to be trained, this allows you to pick how big you want your ladies i like to allow 10 inches at least for training and ease of getting to your plants. once the scrog is roughly 3/4 filled I usually flip to flower and watch the magic as the plants fill out the rest.

    My indicas in scrog usually have the net around 12 inches but I grow the strain first and learn how much it stretches and the space required for it before I throw the clones into a scrog
    But I would imagine a 3 month veg of sativas would be much higher then 12 inches

    Also I've found metal nets provide optimal training due to the plants not being able to out strength it or slip away, and females are preferable for this setup because once flower is initiated and the males are removed the scrog will have empty space and will be less productive

    Hope this helps if I think of something else ill post
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    thanks man! it'll look more impressive when everything is set up in the next week ;P
    if you dont mind i have a few questions/ideas..

    my screens will be movable, so do you think i could say place them at 10 inches to begin with, train them(the plants) to my liking, and then maybe move the screen up a little to let them(the plants) grow vertically a bit more, and re train them in the screen to my liking? (repeating as needed?) i dont know if this is realistic with a scrog or not but it seems like it could be done when i in-vision it in my head :) and it seems like that would be a good way to get them to a large size before flowering.
    just ideas... just trying to think up ways to get the plants to the size im wanting :D
  4. If the space is there and the net is movable then yes that is very possible. you would just have to train it then place the net higher and allow it to catch up then train it again

    Do you plan on starting a journal? I would love to tag along and see how it works for you
  5. i was thinking i could just take all the tops out of the screen, and move the entire screen up again, making them grow vertically a bit before hitting the screen and being re trained into it again, sound feasible?

    and yes indeed i do! once my seeds have arrived i will start up a journal beginning with a long ass description of my set up; with a fair amount of pics of the room included(the room will be complete by the time my dang seeds get here) and right after that the seeds will be planted -)
  6. Once they are in the screen you are not going to want to fish them out.
  7. what kind of medium will you be using? hydro or soil?

  8. lol, your probably right ;p

    should i just set my screen higher to begin with, or could i just scrog the plants less aggressively so that once i pull a top under the screen, i let it grow a bit more than normal, and then place it under again? that seems like it might also make them a pretty large size in the end :eek:

    like i said though, all just ideas..

  9. organic soil with worm castings, peat moss, and maybe another ingredient or two if i can get my hands on em :)

    more than likely just the soil with worm casting n peat moss though.

    (definitely soil)
  10. ah, interesting. So you are going to have 4 separate "soil bed's" (pots)?

    if i might suggest, the garden bed's height at +18''... this is not based on my observation but another grower who ran no-till beds for many years
  11. there are six separate spaces, each spot will have a plant in it. i have 2 different screens because i am growing two strains, and although both are sativas, i am concerned they may have height differences; so one side with its three plants will have its own screen, and vice versa for the other side.

    in my original post, i have a picture of where the plants will be growing in, and one of the screens is over top of the back three compartments.

    and do you mean the screen should be at 18inches then?

    thanks you for the replys btw, now i wont have to go into this whole idea so blindly!
  12. I would start the screen at 12" above the soil , do you have ajustable legs to raise the screen if needed.

    2"x 2" square farm fencing works great for scrogs
    ;-) .
  13. Do you Guys think two pounds is a realistic goal to pull from the set up I am going to use?
  14. To many variables to tell if you could pull 2 pounds just yet

    But with optimal Lighting, Medium, Pot size, and Veg time you could very well pull 2 pounds
  15. Once I have my room completely set up and done with(2-3days) , I will post again with detailed photos and descriptions so it will be easier to make a guess at :) thank you for the reply !

    Merry fucking Christmas to anyone that happens to see this ! :D

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