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  1. Whatsup blades?
    Skip my intro if you dgaf:
    [So I'm currently a sophomore in college and have been smoking weed consistently for over a year now, ranging from a few times to week, to a month off, to multiple times per day, all sporadically. BUT, I have asthma so the act of smoking itself was never really a 'fun' event, just a way to get high. 
    So I decided to invest in a vaporizer last summer since I was making good money in construction (I had to pass a drug test upon hiring, which sucked) and because I was living at home with my parents that summer. My parents are 99.9% cool with me drinking as long as I don't drive, but smoking of anything including tobacco is strongly prohibited while under their roof. So after doing some research, I ended up getting the MFLB to be both discreet and healthy. Since that purchase, I exclusively vape unless its in a social setting like a bong or blunt at a kick it. I also invested in a 'Da Buddha Vaporizer' for college which I highly recommend buying. (I think they're like $130 right now?) I now currently use my MFLB for on the go and my DBV as a daily driver vape with my new setup which I will explain.]
    To here:
    While vaping is awesome and gave me better lung function, I noticed that there were little particles from the "herbs" passing through the filter screens in both my MFLB and my DBV, and some of those specks going into my lungs. I can prove this to be true if anyone is doubting.
    To solve this problem I bought a cheap hookah on Amazon for like $8 shipped. Once I got it, I removed the rubber grommet for the bowl, and inserted one end of the DBV whip into the downstem. Now my DBV vapes out of a small hookah, and honestly, whip vaporizers are hit like big hookah draws anyways.
    Now this is similar to taking bong hits with a vape, but its cheaper than buying a water pipe adapter and better than attaching the whip to a bong DIY style. Plus, its honestly cool as fuck to hit smooth weed vapor out of a hookah and show it off to the homies. 
    This may sound simple, but it's honestly too easy to overlook and makes a huge difference on the quality of your vapor and your lung health. Anyone already done this or have thoughts? It's working amazingly for me.
    P.S. If you're unfamiliar with the MFLB or DBV or vaporizers in general, ask me questions and I'll answer them.

  2. That sounds interesting imma have to try it. I have a question, i have an upcoming construction job they havent drug tested me yet but i have synthetic urin ready for when they do. My question is do they send the pee off to a lab or use the panel type test? And do they do random drug test in construction type jobs?
  3. From my experience, the company I worked for used the panel instant test for THC, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, and ecstasy. They only would send it off to the lab if you had an alert or something didn't look right. I'd highly recommend testing your piss for tests for those drugs because if one of them hits, even if its not thc, they will send it to a lab that can easily identify fake piss. In terms of using the fake piss, I believe that legally they have to give you an unsupervised test unless you're a felon or something.
    However, the best way to pass a drug test is to take a break and follow a detox procedure. Just remember that my site could test differently than yours, so be prepared. 

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