A better trellis??? Need help from fellow scroggers....

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by jtreezy420, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. What up fellow Scroggers? Been tinkering with a better way to scrogg, i personally hate having to deal with the current systems and am hoping for your feedback to ultimately help each other out!!!

    The cheap netting (plastic or thread) sucks IMO because it lacks proper support, is always flimsy and loose, one time use, and sucks to harvest around it.
    Setting up heavy duty wire supported scrogger is much better for the support aspect but sucks harvesting around and entails beefing up the base support as well (2x4's etc, again IMO too bulkly and cumbersome). There is got to be something better and i really hope my fellow GRASSCITY members have been thinking along the same lines.

    Scrogging is an awesome way to help your plant maximizes the available light and get the best possible yield from a plant, hands down. But the current systems are lacking IMO, please tell me what you like, dislike about your current scrog setups and what we could do to make it better!

    Ive been growing for 3+ years now and have recently begun working on a prototype for a new, simpler, adjustable, less cumbersome, reusable, specific to the indoor grower and overall much more suitable for the new age growers! Please help with you feedback, i will be looking to finish my project in the next few months and would love to give them away to fellow scrog growers to really put it to the test, but that is down the road and for now i ask for your support in the R&D.

  2. Have you tried some pvc pipe and some poultry or standard pvc fence? I achieved a pretty sturdy lightweight mobile setup, you can see it in the later pics in the SLH scrog link in my sig. The setup evolved through out grow.

    I concur, scrog is the shit. Good luck! :metal:
  3. Im just a first time grower and scrogger so I dnt think my input matters but.....i feel like some way to raise the entire net up like 2-3 just enough to make swapping nutes easier but have it stop at like 3.5 in from its starting point or watever height...idk
  4. I made a rig based on the design in the west coast masters book. Instead of that rope /wire crap i use removable dowels and yo-yo's. Its all on wheels and you can roll it in and out of your cab to do bending or whatever maintinance. I'm currently doing hydro but i have done dirt in it and side by side hydro and dirt. Works really well and gives you full 360 degree access to whats in the rig. The rig hold two plnts usually yeilds at least 2oz per plnt but have done a 4 per. Depends on strain. 400w hps two 90wt ufo's for side lighting.

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