A better explanation of my point of view since everyone keeps asking.

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  1. ive noticed that the libertarians and myself agree on a lot of the problems of our current system we just have different ideas on how to fix them. this video is explaining more of the problems from my perspective better than i have been able to. i believe most of you will agree with most of what is said in this video. its mostly explaining what you call "perversions of capitalism" (or what i call the late stages of capitalism) from a leftist point of view. even if you dont agree with it it should help you understand my thinking more than you currently do. i realize im not good at presenting my beliefs, ive never been good at explaining things.

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    In less than one minute I saw greed depicted as bad.

    Lost all credibility with me.

    Less than two minutes in they claimed there was too much Hayek, as if their really is an open market somewhere.

    I facepalmed

    Less than four minutes in the guy admitted he was a Marxist. I just turned it off.

  3. did you not read the part about it being from a leftist point of view? thats the whole reason i posted it...

  4. im so glad you can read... did you just ignore the title and the paragraph before the video?

  5. Same old bullsh*t. An unarmed, ill-equipped douche wants to put forward his ideals as the morally superior ideology that will lead the world to the promise land.

    This is, at best, hyperbole.

  6. At least you're secure enough in your ad hom that you don't need to rely on someone else to insult people, unlike needing someone to explain your 'beliefs' apparently. ;)
  7. Whose asking about your POV where?

  8. pretty much any thread that gets at all political... that ive posted in of course.
  9. You ever think this comes from the fact that your ideas are ludicrous to these people and they ask you about your views facetiously because they consider them so out there and incorrect?
  10. thats how i feel about theirs. if you at all think business wont start cutting every corner possible at the expense of the health of their customers if we get rid of regulation you're crazy. same goes for cutting taxes on the everyone including the rich who dont pay nearly their fair share.
  11. That was a pretty good video, those are the problems, along with others, that we face today. Personally, I like capitalism. Since the dawn of civilization, alpha male no longer became the person with superior genes, alpha male became the person with superior wealth. Hierarchy is natural for humans, control and order is natural for humans. This must be taken in consideration in government and economics. Humans are instinctively greedy, we want the best chance of survival. Since money has become the means of survival, humans hoard it because we are greedy.

    What I like about capitalism, in a true free market, is that it allows people to become alpha male without having superior genes. Capitalism is great but we need to configure a system where it eliminates the threat of greedy people. You need regulations to keep the greedy people from getting too much power, the problem is that people can use regulations for their own greedy plans.

    Capitalism is failing and I think it needs to be let go. Since capitalism and government are merging, it's slowing down the Advancement of freedom and our species. Corporatists in government are using government for their own greed which is hurting our species. The only way for corporatists to stay in power, they new to limit everyone's freedoms so that the people don't riot. Like the video said, they use it through debt. Another key aspect to keep people from rioting is education. You can't forcefully control a society who is educated, and the US is failing in the education department. Any dictator always seperates the educated from the non educated. One, because they need the brain power and uneducated people are less likely to riot.

    the only way to stop supper control of government is for capitalism to fail. And it's starting with Greece. If you destroy the dollar, you destroy the military which would be used to control the population.

    But failure isn't good either. Factions could form and people could take control of nuclear weapons.

    I honestly don't know how this will all play out. Hopefully we can get enough large protests now to stop the government from wipin out our species with nuclear war. The people don't want war, just a few in government want it. And that's how it is around the world, Iran doesn't want war either, but they are being pressured into it.

    The only way I see our species evolving or advancing is robots. Think about it, we can program robots to advance, they could rapidly. We can program them to learn and they could enhance technology and discover new shit. Humans could evolve by creating robots to continue the evolution of our species. And it would take human nature out, which has plagued our species.

  12. that was a good read till you got to the robot part. the number one issue in trying to change anything is the media. currently they're trying to make the people support going to war with iran. the media is nothing but propaganda to condition the populace.

  13. I think other peoples arguement are coming from their vision. We all have our vision of how government would work. Since I don't know your entire vision, your ideas seem idiotic to my vision.

    I say tax cuts for all including the rich because my view is a small government. A small government would nt need a lot of taxes to keep it running. But we also have a problem of debt, but tax increases may not be good.

    The thing is to stop debating the problems and offer solutions. That is when our shrooms can be debated and improved through debates by having critics. We could use debates to improve a solution, the problem we have is making a solution.

  14. Media is a bitch, I can agree. Media was used to control the population during Vietnam, it didn't work to well because it wasn't sensors and journalists were able to get the real story. Government learned that and sensors shit about the war. Do a little wikileaks search and you will be pissed to learn what we actually do.

    But we have something our species never had before. Internet. It's so fucking powerful. I can spread my ideas to millions, fuck we are doing it now. Forums are fucking awesome, normally we would all have to meet at Starbucks are some shit. I can reach 750 million people around the world with Facebook. That type of connection has never existed before. We need to use it. And we can't let the government control it either.
  15. After seeing I, robot.

    No god damn robots. The only Machine I want to do shit for me is my PC..or car...coffee machine...laundry...you get it.

  16. We just have to program robots to not make the same mistakes humans have made. That's the only way to take out the problem we have- our nature.
  17. Is it just me? Or does every problem this guy mentions have an associated government involvement to go with it?

  18. That's because government is the problem...
  19. for some reason he seems to think im for a big government... mostly because he doesnt have a basic understanding of any leftist ideologies.

  20. I do?

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