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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by TheWatcher, May 1, 2012.

  1. Right.... Broony... where art thou?

  2. Don't forget about the Night!:smoke:
  3. Hey Watcher, what would you say is the equivalent of Formulex bottled-nute wise?
  4. Canna start is a slightly weaker version. Let me have a look now. There should be quite a few alternatives and I should have put them in really. I didn't know when I started this thread that formulex was so hard to get stateside. I know it'll be easy to replace though. Gimme a minute.
  5. Hey Watcher,

    Did you ever do the training / trimming / flipping sections from page 2? I imagine it's too late to go back and edit those posts. Just wondering if I missed them somewhere.
  6. I'll be outlining a few things in detail showing and explaining them exactly. I'm just in the middle of a total rebuild at the minute but when things get settled and smooth there'll be a load of stuff I think you'll find interesting I hope.
  7. How would you transition between formulex and canna A\b- would you just start using canna at the same ec or would you back it off abit first- great thread I think- lots of info- good to see scmc who helped me a lot with my previous grow
  8. I miss TheWatcher and SCMC :(

    This may not be allowed by forum rules, so if it is let me know, but does anyone know if they are still on the web somewhere? Every once and a while I get a question I want to ask one of them, I end up just posting them here, but I specifically miss their opinions.
  9. SCMC is still around
  10. I could have sworn I saw banned under his name recently.
  11. Yep it appears scmc has also been banned.
  12. hmmmm

    i could have sworn he just posted somethin on the 23rd
  13. SCMC got kicked out! He made threats to a moderator and they booted him. But I'm sure he'll show up with a diff name. He's been kicked out if these forums 5 times already.

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  14. I certainly hope they both show back up. Their knowledge needs to be tapped! There is no such thing as enough wisdom floating around these forums; the more, the merrier!
  15. No one is at fault but scmc.

    he was the one that took things to far...

    When folks are being disrespectful the knowledge they spread isnt worth the harm thats done here..
  16. Funny how you say it was me! Haha! I did make a statement about him, but he never aimed any hatred towards me. He did make threats to a mod named chunk and that's what got him kicked out!

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  17. Thank you! :)

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  18. Relax, it's been edited

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