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    Not to nitpick or anything...

    There is good information here and that while some of it may be useless to a majority of coco enthusiasts at GC (those who do not reside in the UK) it is not damaging the community.

    A more suitable title would be "The Watcher Method" or " A Beginner's Guide Coco: UK Edition" just to keep confusion down when a brand new grower from the states swings through and cannot find Formulex to follow the specific instructions from this guide. I don't consider this a very good beginners guide to coco because the advice is not universal to coco growers, instead focusing on a small niche of the community who have access to the suggested products.

    I think this link offers a wonderful resource for people looking to learn more about what makes coco, coco.


    I vote to keep it open and hopefully keep it on track.
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  2. yep scmc the main thing that i find this thread helpfull for is as u say it applies directly to me since im uk and it also gives roughly wot ec my plants should be on and at wot stage
    which no other "guide" has as most run with 1/4 strength this or that not even asking what base ec people have ect ect
    this has defo been a great help for me wroking out base ecs and how much nute brings it upto what strength
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  3. been reading the last couple pages about some using cal/mag. i've been in coco for years, and i hardly ever have a need for it. i use h&g nnutes, and a couple other supps. if i do see the need for it, i just put a tbsp. of epsom per gal. of water. usually takes one app. sometimes 2. of course, ph'd to 5.8, and a good 15-20% run-off......
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    I think just making a guide is good then closing it to posts is best...Hence a real "STICKY"
    If you look at Ed's guide their are so many questions in all aspects of coco growing that it is very time consuming and near impossible to read them all.
    The guides end up being grow journals in a sense and take away from the main focus
    A lot of good information goes between the cracks when the guides get to big and near impossible to find anything...
    I just think questions pertaining to coco should be in a specific titled thread rather than a guide so others can find answers and participate easier and not become personal grow journals....
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    Time for a Cocoestion thread?
  6. The "guide part is usually in the first page or so. Once it's posted, shouldn't we be able to ask about the techniques (or debate them as some do)
    A sticky with only 1 post would seem weird.

  7. do you use tap or ro?
  8. I'm sure Ed never thought his guide would be so large.....I'm just saying a guide should be written simple and to the point where their are little to no technical questions to be asked...A lot of the many posts are unrelated to the guide itself.
    Even if their could be a sub section of a guide where growers could ask their question and provide a title would help others to find answers to their particular situation easier....
  9. I think it's good to keep these threads open. You know rarely does a multi-page thread stay strictly on topic of the first post or two, and threads like my guide aren't realy meant to be read from first page to last IMO. They are good to search though, when so much discussion happens in an educational thread (I use this term loosely LOL) it's a great tool to search for topics that may have been discussed.

    It's impossible to cover everything coco in a post or two, we can only try our best and discuss the rest. :)

    Personally I think we lost a great tool in not being able to update posts after a week. I wrote my guide and my threads with the idea of being able to keep the first post(s) updated, but I can't do that now so any updated or new info gets buried in the pages rather than added to the guide.
  10. Any positive info/help that one might add to this thread as well as others is all good AFAIC..
  11. Wonder what happened to TheWatcher, it's awfully quiet around here with his absence..

    I think he oughta bust out a journal.. always got something to say, how's about something to show!
  12. You guys keep busting his balls, then complain about his attitude.
  13. I've never complained about his attitude, to the contrary i find it quite entertaining..
  14. Yeah I thought he was informative and entertaining too, but I realize he rubbed some the wrong way.
  15. Why was TheWatcher banned? As a noob, I found his posts really informative and useful and easy to understand, Unlike alot of posts which I find confusing and go over my head. Would really like to hear from him again.
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  16. my guess,'he didn't play well with others'.
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    Any questions.. fire them this way ;)
  18. Look who is back!:wave:
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    We could be here all day :D

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