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A Beginners Dilema

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by aedanz, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Hello. Forgive me if this has been discussed in great detail already on this site, but I have done so much research and there are so many conflicting answers to my questions that I feel this is what I have to do to get a more solid direction. So, to make this short, I have tried unsuccessfully a few times to make weed brownies. Several sources stated that decarboxylation needs to take place anywhere between 200-300 farenheit for up to/over an hour, but since doing more research I've found others who have said that is way too high and long, with a temp. of 150 for 15 minutes being sufficient. This seems more realistic, since the last times I decarbed., it smelled like the weed was burning and my end-result was failure. It seems from what I've read that decarboxylating is necessary, but what I don't get is how are all these other people making successful edibles without decarboxlyating? Are they just using excess weed?

    Also, how exactly do I cook the weed in oil? I've considered trying butter, but it seems from my research that oil is easier to work with, plus my brownie recipe calls for oil. Someone said cooking the oil at low to medium temperature for 15 minutes of simmering is good. What exactly is simmering? Like how will I know it's simmering vs. being too hot? How exactly will I know when the weed is done? I've read the oil itself and the weed will be more brown, are those the only two indicators?

    Also, what oil is best? I bought coconut oil, reading that it's more likely to absorb most of the THC, but two fellow stoners I know said I would have to use too high of a heat, presumably because the oil has a high boiling point. Would corn oil be better? I have olive oil as well, but I've read that it doesn't absorb as much THC as the others.

    I've also read that dank is not necessary when you decarboxylate properly, and that in reality only 5 grams is necessary. Is this true? Will proper decarboxylation mean I can use only a few grams? Again all my info is from different people giving different advice, all claiming that their way is the right way. If in fact I only need a few grams, what would be the dosage for an 8X8 pan, vs. a 13X9?

    And is it true that regardless of the baking instructions for the mix, I should actually bake the brownies at a lower temperature? Will baking at over 300 degrees ruin the batch?

    Finally, I have read that once the brownies are made, the THC will begin to degrade, but that freezing the brownies will preserve them for a while. Is this true? If so, how long will they remain potent once frozen?

    Can someone please answer these questions? I am tired of wasting weed and money, and more than that I'm tired of getting my hopes up. Please help, and thank you.
  2. All your answers are on page 17 on the badkittys cannapharm thread. That is pinned to the top of the page
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    I will check it out further, thank you.

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