A batman fan makes his own tumbler

Discussion in 'General' started by Bencker, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hahahaha!! Fucking sweeet.....
  2. now that IS sweet
    i want one
  3. the question is: Does that thing turn into a motha fuckin motorcycle when it is struck by an RPG? I THINK NOT
  4. Shit dude, that's really not that expensive.

    If I had money I would pay this fucker to make me one.

  5. Expensive = when you just don't have the money. :(
  6. This man is living the fucking dream. I used to ride around on my bike with a Batman cape on, pretending I was in the Batmobile... and this son of a bitch can actually do that.
  7. Hahaha. That thing looks like it would be so much fun, too. Building it and using it.
  8. Shiiiiiit. In that thing I could get more ass than a boy-band. Fucking righteous

  9. More ass than the toilet seats at Taco Bell.
  10. definetly not street legal.
  11. Exempt
  12. Dude.... What the hell is a batpod??

    He should make the motorcycle, that'd be badass too... I want to see a video of him driving that beast...
  13. damn thats nice
  14. The batpod is the motorcycle.

    Yeah, the ones in the movie cost like 250k right?
  15. video or it didnt happen
  16. haha I can just picture drivin that thing down to the liqour store.
  17. I'd step outta that bitch, it'd be foggier than a mother fucker.:hello:
  18. Gotta say, his bat suit is pretty sweet. Massive cock bulge and all!
  19. in that, would you NEED the cape though?;);)

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