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a bath while stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aidenmurrey, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. sounds like a good idea, im about to try it,
    has anyone ever done this?
  2. Yeah, but the last time I got super paranoid because I thought I was drowning.. --it was just really hot. :cool::D
  3. Sounds relaxing. I have smoked when taking a shower and it was a pretty bomb experience.
  4. We like to get in the hot tub high. Fun shit.

  5. Dude take a nice hot shower while your stoned it is amazing!
  6. the dude smokes in his bath tub..then those crazies come in and piss on his carpet:):smoking:
  7. me toooo shit was nice
  8. yea back in the day id take my hand held radio out to the hot tub and get blazed while listening to talk radio in the darkness.
  9. Never tryed a bath, did take a shower while baked pretty decently. It gets sort of strange if you like really warm showers like me because everything gets all warm and steamy, and you are less aware of the water hitting your back and it becomes more messageing. I actually ended up sitting down for a greater part of it and was sort of dazed. then I got out and went into the cool air of the house and I became really focussed before settling back into my high state.
  10. I love steamy showers while high. It wakes me up and it feels so good. Going to go smoke then shower right now! Or maybe multi task and smoke in the shower
  11. i got the idea from watching the big lebowski. what a great movie. although i smoked a nice bowl from my bong and was stoned and hopped in the bath. it was very nice, a bit weird because i havent taken a bath in years, but it was pretty enjoyable.

    good times

    i suggest it.
  12. #13 JayEff, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    Back when I started smoking, I took a bath/shower (I was laying down on the tub but I had water coming from both the shower head and the normal bath thing) and it was too intense. I kept thinking the sounds of the water dropping were my parents opening their bedroom door; I felt like I was under an intense waterfall that wouldn't stop; etc etc.

    It was too intense and I got way too scared (I was new to weed and I smoked too much)
    Nowadays, I think showers while high are pretty cool. However, I don't take 'em too often - I prefer doing other things while high.

    Edit: I forgot to say that even though bathing while high is good, smoking while bathing is 100x more fun. Just go in with a spoon and blow out the window (if you have one) and enjoy :D

  13. I fucking love you, man.

  14. You havent done what in years?

  15. + Rep for hilarious fucking picture.
  16. i got this huge ass sink in tub, I take my bong w/me when I go take a bath...fill with hot water, take a hit and go under water and hold it then blow it out while im under water. wanna talk a bout gettin fuckin high..WOW!
  17. hahaha, thats funny.
  18. Just remember the bath tub IS NOT a shark infested ocean dude and you'll be fine.
  19. bubble baths are the shit!

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