A basic dry and cure?

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  1. As if there wasn't a million threads on here and all over the net, there seems
    To be so many diff opinions and techniques about it I just wanted an opinion on what I'm doing. I have about an ounce. I chopped it and am hanging all the buds in the grow box from string. Small fan blowing but not directly in them. Box top cracked open for venting. I'll dry them
    Like that for 4-6 days then put them
    In jars and burp them about thrice daily. And then I'll just start to smoke what seems
    Ready. Anything big mistakes here? Any advice? I'd appreciate any input

    The Dank Knight
  2. Don't use days as a guide line, put into jars when the stems just start to snap, then burp twice a day until it smells like weed you would buy.
  3. That's sounds like a good plan bro :)
  4. also dont put them in jars too early like i did..had oen mold on me.
    and dont put them in jars that used to have fruit syrups in them haha ...you wont be able to even smell the weed over the fruity smell. but free jars from the candy store are free. who knows..might give them a fruity taste haha
  5. Aight! Thanks for the input gentlemen!

    The Dank Knight

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