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A balanced life

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bkadoctaj, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. What does living a balanced life mean to you? Which things in life are the easiest and most difficult to balance?

    Are there always consequences for living out of balance?
  2. i live erverything as balanced as possible, but i cant balance what seems to be the msot crucial aspect of my life

    i have no way of balancing what i want to do and what im told to do - essntially i cant find a balance that leads to happiness... which is the ultimate and highest good that we all strive for... so it sucks that i cant balance things in a correct way to find contentment

    i need to learn meditation
  3. Can you find a balance between happiness and sadness? Is there a difference between being content and being happy? Is it possible to be truly happy externally and also internally?
  4. trust me, my manic mind has been down all these roads...
    most of them lead to confusion and frustration
  5. How can one balance something with no up and no down, no wrong and no right, no start nor any end in sight?

    What is balance, in the absence of firmly determined poles to balance?

    Is balance moderation? If so, then everything in moderation - this would include moderation would it not? A life in moderation would require extremes to fulfill ''even moderation in moderation'', the life is no longer moderate is it?

    For me, there is only the naught, no balance nor imbalance. No truth nor lie. No new nor old. I know not who I am, where I am, or where I am going. I have ceased to bother. I do not feel anything I do or experience is in the right direction or not. Right now, I'm just letting it be.
  6. How many can say, that they put back as much as they take?

    Do you farm as well as eat? When you produce waste, do you use it for creation?

    When harvesting trees to make houses and stores, do you plant a new forest?

    Would we be foolish enough to take 500 million years of carboniferous forest, and squeeze it into the fuel tank of a Humvee, to be forever removed in the twinkling of an eye?

    Do you produce more trash, than crops? Use more fossil fuel than muscle power?


    Oh, yeah...the Hopi call it "Koyaanisqatsi"
  7. It's because people have grown up into believing they'd only be punished for moral sins, and that they themselves would be individually punished. Their respect for nature was supplanted by respect for supernature. It would take recognition that all of humanity will disappear to really change minds, and as you know, there's not enough time for people to get it. There's never enough time when you don't use it properly.
  8. Alright, maybe a little hopeless-sounding... do you guys have faith in humanity's future?

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