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A Bag of Mary Jane

Discussion in 'General' started by kerf, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Ok, so I went to Walmart to get some munchies last weekend and I found this bag of candy... it was really good too! I thought you guys might appreciate the name, I sure did. The candy was damn good too!

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  2. lmao, that's great! Gonna have to hunt around at my Wal-Mart for that! :D
  3. Heh, I was at work the other day (K-Mart) and I was stocking the halloween candy when I found two cases of those in receiving. On the side it said "Mary Jane 12/19 oz. Bags"
    I found it pretty amusing, so I cut that part of the box off and took it home.....
  4. From Necco! They make those little wafer candies that come in different colors and have that light powdery coating. They come wrapped like a roll of quarters in that thin waxed paper wrapping. Those things were AWFUL! But you say the candy is good?

    But like I always say...
  5. mmmmmmmmmmm peanuttycaramelly gooodnessssssss....

    :::drools::: they are goooood... have to soften up a lil to... but you just don';t know when to stop eating them.... :D

  6. LOL,
    Man they had a weird smell to...

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