A bad trip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dova Bud lova, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. okay, the last couple of years I've done some stupid shit. From huffin shit, all the way to acid. Now, whenever i smoke weed, it triggers this same trip i had one night when i huffed dust remover.

    I feel like I'm already dead, trying to get into heaven, but this demon is trying to stop me. Its like a mental, and physical fight for my soul. The bad thing about it, is that the demon is usually the person I'm smokin with. or someone else.

    like this morning for instance. I smoked a joint of some banana kush, and was blazed outta my mind. I got onto the bus to go to school, and started trippin hard. I started thinking the bus driver was a demon, and i was on the bus to hell. All of the other students on the bus was sinners like me, and we were on our way to hell. It was very scary, i know I'd look dumb if someone was watching me.

    idk. fuck it. I still smoke. i got a quarter puond of banana and strawberry kush at home now. chea!!
  2. I just stop smoking if I were you.
  3. Id definently stop smoking if I were you.
  4. ^this
  5. stop smoking for a little bit. clear your concience. you have some inner demons to fight. sont do it high.
  6. lol man, acid is not considered as something stupid. dust remover? Wow. Pretty low if you ask me.
  7. i would stop smoking, dude...

    i've been smoking on some 'nanner kush too and it's anything but a ride to hell! little slice of heaven is more like it.

    don't desecrate the herb with paranoia and sadness-- pull back and try smoking again when your heart isn't so heavy.
  8. well said
  9. yeah that sounds pretty harsh... not to mention unpleasant! why would you even want to keep smoking? wouldnt that kind of thing turn you off from smoking?
    eh, well, my only advice is that you should take a break from smoking the herb for awhile, just to get your head a bit more straight.

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