A baby with a purple top?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cloudsurfer, May 6, 2011.

  1. hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has ever had a one month old plant that the top started turning purple? Now i dont know what kind of strain i have its bagseed. I didnt want to spend money on seeds just to kill them due to my inexpeirence. I have had some problems already with my plants they were in too small of a pot for too long and that caused them to be rootbound and cause ph problems. i got them transplanted and 1 plant only lost the bottom leafs but now is doing good. then today i come home from work to realize the top is kinda budding up and turning purple. This plant is only 6 inches tall and i dont know whats going on. This is my 1st grow and i am just trying to see if i can grow sucessfully thanks for any input.
  2. This actually happened to me. I believe it has something to do with the Humidity. My first grow was a planted seed in the back yard nothing fancy at all, and then it rained for like a week or so off and on. Next thing I know the whole top of the plant was a very nice looking purple.
  3. did it effect the plant at all? As far as health wise and growth wise
  4. Mine turned out to male, but I took no precautions and honestly didn't take it to serious it was just a seed I planted for kicks, so that's probably why it was male too much stress.

    So if you took time and kept your plant healthy I'm sure it won't effect nothing but the color. An expert will probably post the correct answers fairly soon.
  5. lol to me your an expert. But ya I got ya, if this one grows healthy and everything I dont care if its male or female ( I would love a female tho) I am doing this just to see if i can successfully grow and if I can then attitude seed bank here I come
  6. Ha I'm no expert by any means. However, if your planning on smoking your gonna want a female. Males don't bud, they are used for breeding among other things. You'll know you have a male by tiny pollen balls instead of buds.
  7. I'm subscribing to this thread because I want to see what kind of answers you get. You should probably also post some more information. Like what kinda soil you are using. How often do you water it. What kinda light are you using. What is the temperature of your grow area. How much light are you giving it, like 12hrs. a day, 18hrs., 24hrs. How much???? Are you growing it indoor, outdoor. That kinda info might be helpful in getting the answer your looking for.
  8. ya i know i want female but for me that aint what this grow is about its if i can do it ya know, but anyways its outdoor grow, in 5 gallon bucket, havent been watering since its been raining a good bit here, the weather has been doing it for me using miracle grow moisture control soil right now ( regretting that decision after some of the stuff i have read) using 20-20-20 for nutes, temp has been staying in 70 to low 80s range during day and getting in the 50s at night.

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