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  1. Ok im a noob grower on my first grow. 1st time in here and i want to say that this is a useful board keep up the good work :hello:
    i have a problem with my baby plant and she needs help

    10 days ago she opened her first leaves and now she is somthing like this


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    any1 can tell me whats that and an other qestion is she a underdeveloped
    or its just me ?? thanks in advance
  2. Will need more info...

    What soil is it in? How often do you water? What kind of light is it under?
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    Ok ok sorry for that im just a little freaked out

    here are the stat :p
    She is a Royal Dwarf (Royal queen bank)

    Soil :algoflash (from my local supermarket)
    ph: 5.5-6.0
    salinity:1-2 g/l
    dry materials:35%
    organic materials:20%
    water retention: 200 ml/l
    air retention: 150 ml/l
    those are the exact data from the packaging
    and i added about 200gr perlite

    lights at this point she is under 2 26w cold white cfl
    and 2 23 warm white cfl the first 10 days she was on a 24/0 and now on 20/4

    as for watering she is not in a scedule when i feel the soil dry i add about 200-250 ml water about every 2-3 days.

    Im using biobizz nutes, the first and second watering had 1ml rootjuice each and the last (2 days ago) had 1ml rootjuice and 1ml biogrow

    Thats all i can think now thanks for the reply again :D
    and somthing else is it possible for her to die or something really bad to happen ?
  4. And a better pic with the problem this is taken today


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  5. Its no biggie, just water with RO water for a week. It could be anything.

  6. RO water? whats that? sorry but im new and i dont know all that stuff :cool:
  7. Well i use bottled water the same that i drink do u think its overfeeding or ph? Oh god and i dont have any ph tester ...:eek:
  8. pH is a little low in that soil. can you possibly test the runoff pH? I have a feeling with the nutes your pH probably drops down to low 5's.

    So I would test the pH of the water you're using. Then test it again after you add your nutes. And then after you feed your plant, catch some of the runoff and test it again.

  9. Ok ill do some test then :D and ill give some feedback thanks for the advice mate
  10. A quick feedback on the problem.

    Unfortunetly I couldnt test the runoff ph.So the only thik i could do i was just prepair a watering mix approximately of 6.8ph with a friend tha he got a tester wated 4 days and watered today again i think if you exclude that one leaf she is going good...am i wrong ? take a look

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  11. And that is somthing that i dont understand if she had a problem like a deficiency or something,wouldn't spread to the other leaves ??
  12. you look good, it could have been too storng of nutes or possibly an unneeded dose. if your soil has and n-p-k notation that is like 10-10-10 (all purpose) or close to that you wont need to supplement with fertalizers for a while unless you need to give it a boost of what the soil is lacking, just use water for 2-3 weeks and see were that gets you, you may be surprised that it doesn't need much more then straight water.

    but def get that ph tested its a big deal if it gets out of wack and hard to fix without being able to test.
  13. Well its really bugging me that a i starterd the exact same pant(straind and seedbank) with a friend in the same soil and im sure he is using more nutes than me thats for sure
    and his plant is like OMG way more DEVELOPED than mine and ofcourse i know that mine could stressed or something but he didnt had Any problem and its a bit anoying:mad:
  14. oh and something else a little extra question ^^ is it bad that with my cold white cfl lamps i added 2 warm? is there a problem with that? And thanks again guys for the info you saved my Mental state :)
  15. Quick Update
    This is how my baby look like right now


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    and there is the damaged leaf:mad: sould i cut it or just leave it ?


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  16. I have one that looks kinda like that, when I cut one of the leaves that Browning spread to the tips of other leaves but when I left it, it seemed to stay contained to that one leaf. I'm a newb too that's just been my experience so far.. I have a thread up too with pics of my lady to find out what's wrong with her :(
  17. Just leaf it.


    You're plant's fine. I think the pH was just too low. All the new growth is very healthy :smoke:
  18. ok ill leave like that then ^^ but its kind'a scary hehe thanks again for the info :D
  19. so far it looks good the extra light wont hurt as long it dosen't throw your temps off. they actually do better in most cases with a mixed spectrum of light. at this point you dont HAVE to cut it, cause it will fall off on its own, or you could if you wanted. either way you have new growth so missing that leaf wont really effect the plant
  20. Well here she is after 7 dry days


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    i watered her and spay her leaves whith water + 1ml of alca mix (i think i got fungus gnats:mad:) isnt a bit strange that she is almost a month old and she is so short? i mean i cant even do an LST so the lower leaves take some light!!!

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