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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bishopthenomad, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. in the high times super grow special (best of #32) it talks about a fluorescent lamp on page 25. basicaly, the light is designed to cover a 2'X2' area and is a 95 watt compact cluorescent that burns at a cool, bluish 6,400 kelvin (making its usable light spectrum camparable to a metal halide lamp. it has 5500 lumens. now my question...do any of you think i could grow a plant or two in a small closet using this. or would it not be worth it. the lamp costs 159.95 and lincludes the ballast/reclector. also, you can also buy the red spectum bulb. i can't remember how many lumens, but it was not as many as the blue bulb that comes with it. any advice would be greatly appreciated...

    bishop the nomad
  2. For 159.95 i'd say no.

    You should be able to get around 30,000 lumens from a 250W HPS which could be picked up for not a great deal more.

    You could get a reasonabloe number of CF's/strip flo's for that cost!

    High Times cynical revenue generation at it again!!

    What kind of real pot smokers magazine would sell highly carcinogenic "fake buds!

  3. kool...um, should i get the son agro bulb for the hps or is it not worth the money? i can really only afford one small lamp right now. thanx again for any advice...

    bishop the nomad
  4. oh, i forgot to put this in the last post...with me wanting to only have one or two plants, what would be the smallest hps i should use? thanx...

    bishop the nomad

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