A $40 million pot farm found

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  1. I just read the story. I love the last lines of the article:

    Boudreaux says authorities are furious that cartels are operating in a U.S. forest.
    "It's something that's troubling for many of us in law enforcement," he said. "You have illegal criminal activity in the mountain regions not only destroying the natural beauty of the landscape but as well as the potential for this product to reach the children of this community."

    God forbid the children have pot! The whole world might end instantly! Suckers.
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    imagine you're hiking in the woods, you get lost, wander around for few hours, then suddenly come across hundreds of 5 ft tall sativas.
  3. I hate how anti-ANYTHING advocates always bring children into the argument for justification. Shit gets really old...this society puts WAY too much emphasis on the moral protection of our youth.
  4. "Each plant able to produce a pound of high quality marijuana." Haha since when is Mexican brick high quality?
  5. Yeah there are guerilla grows like this sprinkled all over, nor cal and oregon forests for every 1 they bust 3 more appear. I know a group of mexican dudes who camp out in the forest for 6 months at a time my buddy gets paid to run them supplies at the end of every season they crop 10-20 pounds, but its not quality dank so the Value they mention is way off!
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    edit: "Walters clutched three plants he said were worth $12,000 on the streets." :rolleyes:
  7. Over the past eight days, a federal, state and county law enforcement initiative called Operation LOCCUST has eradicated 420,000 marijuana plants here worth more than $1 billion on the street. By comparison, authorities eradicated 330,000 plants over the six-month growing season last month, said Lt. Mike Boudreaux of the Tulare County Sheriff's Department

  8. just because its in Mexico doesnt mean its shit
  9. It was in Sequoia National Forest I believe
  10. and then let them watch the brainwashing garbage on tv?? yeah..i kno
  11. on acid, i would lose my mind.
  12. HAHA since when are plants that are still in the ground, bricks?

    All plants are good quality assuming the males are cut out and such.
  13. It's surprising with just one news article how many things they can get wrong.
  14. haha, at least they got rid of shawg, a good thing but
    wow, govs, dea, police are soo fuckin retarded, they are brain washed that make people brain wash...

    fuckin america,
    if i was the president, the country would be better then ever period :cool:

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