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A 3rd generation blunt!!!

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by ManiakMike, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. yo, wudup everyone at GC. this thread is strictly dedicated to generation blunts.

    now some of you mite be sayin, wtf is a 3rd generation blunt?
    well first let me explain what a 2nd generation blunt is.
    A 2nd generation blunt is a blunt rolled only from previous blunt roaches
    And i kno ur thinking fukin gross, but these blunts will knock you on ur ass

    Now, a 3rd generation blunt is a blunt filled with only Second generation blunt roaches..
    so to roll a 3rd generation blunt you need to smoke enuf blunts to have enuf roaches left over to roll enuf blunts to end up with enuf roaches to roll another blunt

    if you didnt understand this, let me break it down:
    smoke bout 12-15 blunts. save all the roaches and roll another blunt with ur 12-15 roaches.
    now after burning the 2nd generation blunt, save the roach.
    now you have to smoke enuff 2nd generation blunts to be able to have enuff roaches left to roll a blunt only with those roaches from ur 2nd generation blunts...
    ...And now you have your 3rd generation blunt!!

    Now i have smoked a 3rd generation blunt and let me tell you did it kik my ass
    although the taste became more horrible as the blunt became a roach
    but i enjoyed every hit of that blunt because it took patience and time to smoke that fucker

    By the way, this whole generation blunt thing was unintentional.
    One day i was fiending bad for some weed so i decided to roll my leftover roaches into a blunt and after smoking the blunt i thought, hey why not start saving these so i can eventually roll another blunt outta these roaches? and so it began...the race to the 3rd generation blunt!!!
    During the race to the 3rd generation blunt i often joked about rolling a 4th generation blunt and how long it would take. think about all those roaches!!!

    Now some of you mite not believe this, but technically the blunt was one year old
    because the blunt was smoked a year after the first 2nd generation roach was saved
    Now if you are a daily smoker smokin on avg. a pack of blunts a day like i use to, then this will take much shorter than a year. only reason it took a year is cos i had many delays involving the law and such and me being a broke ass part of the time like i am now

    I know some of you reading this are thinking why the fuck would you even bother doing

    Weell to answer that, the whole anticipation of experiencing a 3rd generation blunt and just talkin bout how kill it would be was great, oh and it was kill
    the blunt got mee fuckin ripped and it burned ultra slow. And if you happen to smoke
    one of these, chew gum while you do;)

    And now for my question, can anybody else say for themselves that they've smoked a 3rd generation blunt? and if so, how was it? how long did it take to save up? Tell me bout it:D
  2. HAHAHA :hello: I've been doing this for years only with joints. Everyone that I tell is like "WTF that's nasty" and I'm like "hells yeah it tastes sick, but A... it's like the best way to conserve when you can't bring yourself to ration out your bag; and B... once you've smoked a 3rd gen J/blunt, you'll be like crazy baked. :smoking:
  3. well then it sounds like you kno wuts up. have you smoked a 3rd gen blunt tho? id imagine it would get you higher than 3rd gen. joint

    i've done this for yeaaaaars. way better then home mades. and it took me bout 2 weeks. i have well over 50-60 blunts laying in my ashtray. i use to just give them away to youngins next door. but now i just make these ''3rd gen blunts'' as you call them. i smoke blunts 90 percent of the time. and bongs/bowls the other 10 perc.

    i guess i've smoke 4th generation blunts because I smoke 15-20 blunts, save the roaches, roll it up, smoke two 3rd gen blunts (half of both). then save those two halves til i need them extremely bad. then roll a 4th gen out of the two half 3rd gens i have. honestly you can have a family tree going from the bud you smoked 2-3 months ago hahahahaa.

    i think these 3rd gen blunts generally knock u on ur shit because after smoking out of the previous blunts, all the thc from the lit part of the blunt(cherry) is going through the bud when you hit it.
  5. And they never really taste like shit to me. and yes they burn EXTREMELY slow due to all thc that was left over from the other blunts.
  6. I imagine you can roll as many fucking blunts as you want from the looks of that quap u just snagged... lucky kid!
  7. first off, id like to say rite on about the blunts. fuckin love em'
    and it sounds like u also kno wuts up on the generation blunts cos they
    sure do burn slow and knock u on ur ass

    anyways, im wonderin wut u got against chewing gum while you smoke?

    and sorry to put you down, but i dont think u technically smoked a 4th gen blunt because i
    (and probably most) wouldnt consider half a blunt a roach :cool:
  8. ahahaha +rep on explaining generation blunts. Me and my friends always roll 2nd generation blunts but then that roach always ends up getting thrown into one of our bongs so we never get to 3rd generation blunts.
  9. I dunno if this is actually true, but when you eat something, like gum, it opens your taste buds, and then smoke can go in them.

  10. LoL :smoking:
  11. i feel you man, saving roaches when you disparately need some smoke is hard,
    but i guess my determination prevailed :p
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    i commend you for your patience.

    Getting to a 3rd generation going is hard for me, i always mixed the roaches up and forget wats wat..:smoking:

    EDIT: check out all those roaches..

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  13. great! my tongue loves getting high:D
  14. lol, you mite not believe this but i had a baggy seperate for only 2nd gen roaches and
    i wrote a date on the baggy tellin when i first started collecting them:p:p

  15. [​IMG]
  16. this face is fuckin priceless
  17. never knew that shit had a name but 2nd gens are already pretty nasty. idk if i could ever bring myself to smoke a 3rd gen seeing how that would be like hitting a dirty ass bong. imo id just vape that shit.
  18. wouldnt that mean it was only a 3rd gen? you rolled up the original 15-20 roaches, making 2nd gen, then smoked half of each, rolled them up, resulting in a weak 3rd gen?

  19. yeah thats cheating!

    they gotta be roaches (1/2 inch??):devious:
  20. #20 ManiakMike, Aug 10, 2009
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    lol yep you guys are rite, he skipped the 2nd gen blunt :smoking::smoking:

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