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  1. i have so many videos in my library i figure ill put them all under one post instead of cluttering up others.

    My setup: 18inch no name 7mm beaker style GonG bong. Three prong tree perc. Ice Notches $120. Phire diffy downstem $18. Unknown artist for the bowl $20.

    Will keep updated.

    first few.



    feel free to comment or say whats up.
  2. Nice bong brotha, and cheap price too

    CuDi all day....
  3. +rep for KiD CuDi

    A blunt last night:

    and a bowl with a layer of great keif on top. just finished it.
  4. Keep it up. I love me a good pick up thread.
  5. im diggin it dude but heres what you need to do take the wick off the spool and wrap it around your lighter and stick the end over the top for a quite convienient method
  6. I had the same tube, it hits great! and you got a really good price
    but watch out, the beaker and joint are paper thin.

    also, FUCK kid cudi!

    mainstream bullshit, without any talent whatsoever

    I have little respect for anyone who actually enjoys his music
  7. ^^i used to do that until i realised how many lighters i lose all the time. now i just light a candle. makes lighting the beeline easy and it adds a nice touch to the experience.

    anyways, nice tube. i would call it a drag monster for having a 3-arm perc but it looks like it clears really quick. great pickup.

  8. i used to wrap my string around the lighter but i lost 3 of them so i decided to use a candle for a while but then i kept spilling the wax when i was cleaning up so i said fuck it. although once i thought i put the flame out on the string but it wasnt and it kept burning and burned up part of the paper :p

    some morning milk
  9. a small shot of my male white widow plants that i left out. and some midnight milkage.


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    borrowed a camera and took some close ups. Smoking some bomb Master Kush!

    Everyone loves bubbles! :hello:

    Can anyone tell me why the smoke doesnt come out the bottom on my diffy?

  11. Just blazed and opened my garage door to this huge guy!! his leg span is about 3 inches!

    should of smoked him out :bongin:
  12. New Pick Up!!
    some bud porn!! :smoking:

    this bud is some "AK-47" but its prob just a no name. guy hooked it up with 4.3 for 45!! great deal. smokes sooooo nice, puts you on cloud 9.

    Picked this up from another guy, the strain is also unknown but it smells real fruity and leaves you dead on the couch. 3.5g for 45. looks real nice.

  13. Another new pickup. Another great deal. My guy hooked me up with some dankkkk granddaddy purple bud, 14g's for $100!!! guy hooked it up. sold a dub of it already hence the 11.1g's (although you cant see it in the pic, crappy camera).


    Last milk vid at home, leavin for University of Oregon in 2 days.

  14. nice milkshots, u look out of it when your smoking that blunt :bongin:

  15. The smoke follows the path of least resistance. It doesn't have enough momentum to travel all the way down into the water to reach the end of the diffy so it just exits the first place it can, the slits. Notice at the end when you clear it the air is faster and so it travels all the way to the end (another factor in this is that there is already air passing through the slits so the excess air being sucked through has to go to the end).

  16. so does that mean its doing its job right, as in its breaking up the smoke into smaller pieces, but doing it efficiently? i just wanna know if it looks right haha.
  17. Nice looking bud man. Wish it were that cheap around here...paying $20 for a g of dank right now.

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