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*_* z0mbified's Mn pickup thread *_*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by z0mbified, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. #1 z0mbified, Mar 21, 2012
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    Hey blades!

    I was wondering if I should start a pickup thread, but since I have a decent new dealer I will be buying from regularly it seemed I should. Just so you all know beforehand, I am not going to be buying the best of the best of weed. I am buying what I can get at the time and how much I can afford at the time. I can't really choose what strains I get but they are going to be mainly mids and some dank. I don't see how breaking the bank on weed to get the top quality stuff is worth it to me. It doesnt make the experience any better or worse. My relationship with Mary Jane is a close one and I cherish every moment with her no matter the circumstances.

    Now that you wont be expecting some thread of the year I can go on to my pickups. :hello:


    2/25/12 - no name mids


    Rating - 6/10
    I just started smoking again after a year and a half break so this was a good entry into smoking again. Felt really hazy and had a good body high. It helped with my pain a ton. One of my favorite highs. Pretty sure it was indica.

    Price: $120 for 1/4 oz.


    3/18/12 - Strawberry Cough


    Rating - 7/10
    This is one of the few strains I've had that I actually knew the name of. Most of the time I just bought what I could without asking. Very puffy and crumbly nugs. Smells super skunky and almost like a chemical-fruit smell, idk how else to explain it. Kicks your ass right away. Feels carefree and alive. Not my favorite kind of high, I like Indica dominant strains mostly. Sativa: 80 / Indica: 20

    $180 for 1/2 oz.


    That's all I have for the time being. I will update with random pictures and more pickups soon.

    Stay high:smoke: and let me know what you think of my pickups. :wave:

    *shout out to static shock for:
    1. Being in Minnesota (north star state pride!)
    2. The awesome thread he has for his pickups. It gave me ideas for my layout and pictures.
    Check out his thread if you haven't already!
  2. Love the close up pics. Thanks man!
  3. good start to your thread i suggest using those flashlight apps if your smartphone has the capability or using natural sun light. ;)

    the buds look frosty but the natural or unnatural lighting will show all the trichomes and help bring the pics together. :D

    i had some of that strawberry cough not too long ago, i believe. very sativa and a racy of a high at least for me.
  4. thats expensive but that shit looks dank
  5. Looks like some quality nuggage there.

  6. Looks dank man, even the "mids."

    120 for a quarter of mids though?? Even though they are hardly what I would consider mids.
  7. They were nothing like plain old mids. They don't smell too weedy, mainly earthy. Smoke was harsh too. I would consider it to be high mids. I was told by my guy that they were "good mids". Very true, nothing fancy, just a good ol' stony high. Price was alright, I got the pick up set at the last minute and I never dealt with the guy before. I'm pretty sure he gave me a good deal the second time though.
  8. Here's a shot of my mflb with some of the strawberry cough in it.

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