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    Ok so I'm just learnin' how to use this computer, camera and forum but I think I figured it out and am ready to start my journal... I've grown before when I was a teenager in my mom's and pop's house and it was goin' good until I got caught by my parents and had to stop but now that i'm a big boy I'm gonna give it another try....

    First off I'm usin' a 52"x36"x24" cabnet, two floresent plant lights, two 50w HPS lights for a lil stealth mode but you can bet by the end of my journal for that to triple I'll probably buy more cabnets, I started with 23 Northern Lights seeds.. and after I germed em' I ended up with 11 sprouts they broke shell on 08-28-08 and rushed to get everything together needless to say i've been busy as hell the last few days.

    Ok lets get down to BiZness!!
  2. This is my set up...
  3. lol... Ok I don't know how post all the pics in one message so untill then I'm gonna have to make a new post per picture..:eek:
  4. The blanket to keep the light in and to keep from makin' my room look like I have Jesus is in my closet....

  5. The interior... where the magic happens;)

  6. lil' baby's only 6 days hatched is it just me or do you think they should be bigger?

  7. #6 and #11 stopped growin' they're not wilting or turning brown they just stopped growing I don't think that they'll make it but we'll see
    any feedback or suggetions would be nice...

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    Very nice seedlings you got there. Just a hint though: That tin foil is horrible for them. Although it does reflect light it doesnt reflect it evenly thus creating hot spots that can and will burn your babies. You would be better off with flat white paint or even hang white paper. Trust when I tell you, that should be removed A.S.A.P. Plants look nice and healthy. I see some nugs in your future...IMO Much Love.

    EDIT: I would also suggest getting a fan in there and some sort of intake/exhaust system. Mary needs constant fresh air for optimum growth to occur.
  9. damn.... I didn't notice how shitty that picture was:mad:
  10. after I read your post I ran to the garage and grabbed my mechanics infered heat sensor (it'll test the temp of a surface) and I shot a few spots and they all tested around 60 degrees and my weather gauge in there reads 79 (which is where I want it) so the tin foil dosen't seem to be getting hot or obsorbing heat, infact aluminum disapates heat very quickly now that I think of it when I cook fries in the oven I dont even use gloves I just grab the tin foil...
    but thanx for the tip I'll keep an eye on it and test it alot cuz now i'm all 'noid about it.
    keep em commin'

  11. I just got these yesterday:D
    These are some clones I picked up from my cousin the clones are from a crop that mothered these northern lights seeds... he just started flowerin' half of his crop last week but he has a SoG op goin' on...

    I just transplanted these and topped and fimmed these this morning (they shoulda been transplanted like days ago.. but there doin fine so far

  12. Ok you guys I need some more insight...
    do you think it was a bad idea to fim and top those plants immediatly after transplanting? or does it matter? I hope im not throwin' too much at it and overwhelming em':confused:
  13. I"ve only been growing the plant for about twenty years, so...do it your way. I wanna see you get some quality smoke. Prove me and my twenty years experiance wrong and produce some smokable marijuana. ThenI will be impressed. Sorry to say with the set up pictured you dont have what it takes. And if you keep doing it your way well...I quess we will see. I know one thing all true growers are going to tell you the same about that set up. Thats o.k though we all start not knowing. Hope you start learning to learn. Again please prove me wrong and produce some smoke.( I gotta see this.) IMO Much Love.

    P.S Heres a few pics of my garden.(Veg and Flower) Here I ACTUALLY produce high quality smokable marijuana. Theres my proof. And I will be here waiting for yours.

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  14. whoa... whoa... dude why the hostility?
    I never questioned your knowlege or experince I know I'm a novice I was just sayin' that it dosen't seem to be a prob right now I really am takin' your tip into consideration and when I get the money I'll switch to mylar and if you're gonna follow my grow you'll see my set-up change as time goes on I got alot of plans in the works and your tip is helping me shaping those plans..

  15. hey munch are you usin' a diff light for your veg and a diff light for you flower?

  16. Sorry if I came off hostile. I just have a hard time with guys asking for help then tossing it to the side because "it's good to cook fries with". Do you really wanna grow some pot? Cause I will help you. I live for this stuff. But posting that the foil is o.k because you think it is...well. Don't take anything anyone says as fact. Do the research. You could learn this healing plant without ever posting a single word. I did. There was no internet when my first seeds went into the ground. I learned the old way, trial and error. You dont have to, if you chose to learn from others errors. Tin foil is one. Learn now from others or learn later when your plants show the effects. Pretty simple. I always come off like an ass-hole. (My wife says its cause I am.) Really I'm just a realist and I wanna help. You help others by being honest. Thats all I was trying to do. Lets be friends? I think as time goes by you'll get used to my straight forward nature and find that I can be a rather good pal.

    Yes I'm using two lights. Got a T5 for veg and a 1000 watt hortilux for flower. I put that big 1000 watter in an aircooled hood and on a light rail. Giving me the ability to move the light back and forth across the canopy. Using this method I harvest about 1 1/2-2 lbs every 60 days. (Check out my thread, "60 grams of sweet, sweet, Burmese." I post there regularly and it is sort of my journal.) Again I'm sorry for being an ass. Take me with a grain of salt, and I will be watching your progress. Good Luck. IMO Much Love.
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    Light- flouresent and HPS
    Temp- 74F-80F
    Humidity- 41-54
    schedule 24/0 with occational 18/6
    Ferts-Foods-Nutes 2-5-2 Stimulator for clones and seedlings and 24-8-16 food for older plants

    Ok so ALOT has changed since the last time I posted my grow has almost doubled in size I got 8 new clones due to my cousin accidently breakin' the main stalk of an O.G. Kush plant he was flowering, I think one isn't gonna make it for sure and a second that looks like it's takin' a turn for the worse but I have 6 that are gonna make it for sure..
    I think we made 18 clones all together but he kept the rest of em'

    now for the pics of my new adopted children....



    some closeups of the puurdy flowers slowly fading back into a vegatative state...



    Note the Insect damage due to my cuz-o's lack of Insect control :(


    and here's a picture of my grow cabinet burstin' at the seams I'm gonna have to upgrade to a bigger one or another one...


    so yah thats it for my addition to my family as for my other plants I've topped the three big plants twice and fimmed all of em about 3 times each so far I think it's gonna be a week or two before the next fim I also gave them their first feeding on the 8th I'm using a 24-8-16. I also think I might take out the flouresent and add more HPS but I havent decided yet plus money is super tight right now due to the tickets I've accumulated on my motorcycle this summer are catchin' up with me now:mad:

    so thats it for now Thanx for stoppin' by...

  18. UPDATE DAY 21

    Light- HPS ONLY
    Temp- 78F-81F

    Humidity- 48-54
    schedule- 18/6
    Ferts-Foods-Nutes 10-15-10 folar and 24-8-16 food

    Ok so I got bad news I went to work and was gone for the weekend and all the new clones dehydrated and died I thought they can last 48 hours but aparently not plus its been quite warmer with the added HPS, ohh BTW I took out the floro's and added an extra HPS it seems to have made a huge difference it seems to be growin' like crazy now I'll look at em and 4 hours later look at em again and they will have noticably grown the switch was suposed to be temporary because I'm expanding my grow space but since it seems to be workin' so well I'll leave it for now.






    well thats it for now thanx for stoppin' by

  19. Keep on doin, what youre doin. They look nice and healthy.
  20. thanks mordecai I appreciate the input

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