9th week white widow flowering, just feed her, is this last feed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pauskocak, May 5, 2011.

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  2. no reply??
  3. the only sure way to tell if you're done flowering is look at the trichomes...if they are milky white to amber you're done
  4. Man looks hot! I am growing 4 white widows just started 12/12 the other day. I hope they turn out like that!
  5. thanks, how much longer you guys think that it'll need?
  6. As mentioned above, the only way to truly tell is by examining the trichomes. But White Widow? 9 weeks? It should be done.
  7. She still has a few more weeks to go man. The pistils aren't even turning orange and dying back yet. I'm at the beginning of week 6 and my girls are more developed than yours, so I'd say you have a minimum of 3 more weeks to go.
  8. Is this the "true" 9th week, or is this 9 weeks since you changed the lights to 12/12? It doesn't seem far enough along to be 9 weeks...it should be finishing up at 9 weeks.
  9. it's 9 weeks since I changed the light to 12/12 and the 3rd week in 12/12 the pistil just showed..
  10. Your flowering time is based on when the plant actually shows sex, not when you put it into flowering. So if yours showed three weeks in then you're about 6 weeks in. I'd feed maybe once more depending on your feeding cycle, then a couple weeks and they're done.

    Like others said though, checking the trichomes is the best way to know if its ready for harvest.
  11. Wow, I can't believe it took 3 weeks to show sex! How old was it when you put it into 12/12?
  12. Guessing by photo number three they couldn't have been more than a month old unless they were extremely stunted. I'd even guess more like 15-20 days, in which case a three week time span to show sex is pretty reasonable.

    Since they do have about 2-3 weeks left they should swell up a lot more.
  13. Hey just joined today I have ww that is 8 weeks 1 day and it is just now clouding up I have been waiting patiently also for a color change I can smell it pretty good and it should be soon I posted 2 picks of buds out of my 4 plants one has long pistols and the other they have curled in going to give it another week or 2 if she does not amber up will chop 1 and try it cant wait

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