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9mmADS first pickup post!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 9mmADS, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. First time poster be gentle I know these pictures aren't that great but ill figure it out soon. I dont know what all this macro talk is haha :smoking:

    I dont have a name on these buds either, and yes they're all the same. they have a fruity peppery smell with a dominant head high with a subtle body high as well. One rip out of my 9mm ads does the job and keeps me at a solid state for a good while.

    First three pics are taken with an old nikon e3200 and the rest on a sony cybershot, I dunno which i like better even though the nikon is old and only 3.2 mp so i posted more pics for opinions on which to use.

    Ill post more pics of my glass and more bud later.

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  2. nice nugs they looks delicious man. sweet bong too. +rep

  3. Thanks a lot they are pretty tasty super sweet right away then that almost mentholy exhale.

    Looking at the pics closer now. I think the older camera gives the bud a better true shot while the sony makes it look how the human eye sees it.
  4. Picture of my new piece i got yesterday from clown glass.

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  5. mmm yeah i know what ya mean on the mentholy exhale. thats a nice pipe too, is it a bubbler?

  6. Yeah its a bubbler not much water but it helps take that burn outta your nose lol.
  7. More pieces and bud pics

    Attached Files:

  8. your bong reminds me of a wraith in halo

  9. hahaha the lovely chubbler

    better pic of the bud

  10. If you click on the pics they zoom in more, cleaning my other ads and pieces to take more pics soon. And pics of white rhino later.
  11. Some more bud shots

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  12. Minus the hair that i did notice before i smoked this the bud doesnt look bad.

  13. + rep for the 3 liter of faygo lol.


  14. Thanks for the rep on the faygo lol!

    No not a juggalo.
  15. Couple decent pinchies my guy blew and a nug Im about to put them minus the damn hair again.

    click on pics for larger view.

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  16. :cool:

    Yeah I don't even know there's many of them juggalos around anymore. All I know is the used to snatch up all the faygo :mad:

    I need them 3 liters for when I get the munchies.

  17. Haha I know right they sell them for $1.22 for two at the grocery here haha. Gotta stock pile on that and gushers.
  18. NO FUCKING WAY, You must be a long lost relative lmmfao
  19. rofl could be, these mini donuts are killin me right now

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