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  1. new little tube here..saw a 9mm phx at the lhs and got it for about $200. is this a good deal?

  2. For a 9mm tube? Definitely! Though... how thick is the base?
  3. mm thats a nice tube. I wouldnt mind keeping that in display case in my room. have fun with it.
  4. The base doesn't look real thick but it's not a beaker so it shouldn't cause any problems. Good deal I'd say.
  5. do all the phx tubes have the US patent on the bottom?
  6. def. a nice and thick tube bro.
  7. Its a pretty good deal. It's deffinetly better you bought a PHX with a stand bottom instead of the beaker bottom, I've seen some bad accidents with beaker bottoms.
  8. heyy - thanks for the replies. just got back from work. there were some tubes that had the patent on them (from what i hear, it has to do with their patented dome percs..?), but this one does not.

    i was stuck between this one and a 5mm phx with a dome perc and splash guard..which was the same price. i went for the 9mm though (plus this is easy cleaning :) )

    and the base is thick - i would say at least 7mm at it's thinnest point

    this was my second nice bong. my first was a 7mm hbg beaker i bought 2 weeks ago (some may remember me posting here) now that i have this phx i'm thinking of selling the hbg..just no place for a bong that big!

    there's a few phx A/Cs at the same shop i was looking at. has anybody used these? i bought a cheap china A/C a couple weeks ago and the drag is horrid..i just smoke without for now
  9. how tall is the phx? does it have a nice sized mouthpiece?

    I think the only PHX ones with the patent are the ones with the honeycomb diffuser. What's the point in patenting a 9mm straight tube? lol or like a regular beaker?
  10. really like the look of ur new tube! gratz!
  11. it stands about 15" with the base..and the opening in the mouthpiece is about 1.5" (idk what's standard, but feels comfortable to me)

    you're probably right with the honeycomb diffusers, i didn't think about that (although the other tube with the dome perc in it had a patent on the base as well)
  12. nice thick phx! enjoy

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