9mm inline & dbl showerhead vs 7mm double honeycomb

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  1. what do you recommend?
  2. You can get a lot better stuff on this site for 180
  3. any suggestions?
  4. I love grasscity but you will find about the same glass on this site for $180. If I had to pick one of these pieces though id pick the first. Honeycombs to me are just ehhh and kinda over rated. Your call though I think you can do better than either for $180.
  5. Nah fellow canadian do not buy off that site! Don't keep supporting china glass! Support local headshops. Look at this site a while before buying glass, so your price range is 180? I think you should pick up a nice mainline if you can find one in bc. They're a canadian brand made in canada! They make simple tubes Straight tube/beakers but they are mostly worked and really nice and thick. I know my LHS Culture Rising has some, and they can ship to BC so give them a call if anything. PM me dude if you want some help!

    British Columbia, Canada Head Shops and British Columbia Smoke Shops - Find a British Columbia Head Shop or a British Columbia Smoke Shop - Search British Columbia Head Shops and British Columbia Smoke Shops - Find a British Columbia Head Shop or a B
  6. yeh those are China glass, should def try and support American artists if you can. infact bongoutlet is all china stuff.
  7. Have you ever hit a honeycomb? If you get a high quality one with my piercings they are anything but 'overrated', come to Florida and I'll let you rip mine on me and your eyes will widen.
  8. OP if you're still looking to buy online and want a honeycomb, cheech glass is an option, cheaper at least and people that own them seem to love them, personally I won't invest in potential Chinese glass though, idk if cheech will ship to you.
  9. Lol a downstem percolates more than a honeycomb -.-
  10. Go on YouTube and find some vids of both and then in-grave fool on your head>:)
  11. Lmao, alright watch a video of someone hitting it, only like the first 5 holes fire, it's so inefficient
  12. Well their's is stupid

    here's mine

    and now it won't let me attach photos and I'm on vacation so I guess you won't see it, just YouTube phx hd single honeycomb and see:)
  13. Check out the vid by drxdopexbb

    the reason the honeycombs are awesome is the minimal drag as opposed to downstems which aren't to bad with minimal water levels

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