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Discussion in 'General' started by gBong, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. well...sorry if this pisses anyone off, but right now i just dont have anywhere to turn...so its up to everyone at grasscity...

    alrite...i get my paycheck which i expected to be 20$ cuz i quit my job, then i come to find out its 80$, now no banks are open, and this check is basically useless...so now i gotta wait until tomorrow, when i need weed now, and i dont say i need weed unless im really stressed out, and boy am i ever...

    ...i just got with this girl about a week and a half ago, and theres really too much to explain about how i feel about this girl, so ill leave it at this, i love this girl...turn to find out, shes in love with some other fellow, who tells her stuff such as "i cant see myself bein with jessica (his gf) for my whole life but i can imagine bein with u.." now i kno that hes just lying, bc if he loved her this much he would break up with jessica, but she doesnt see that...so anyways, we are still goin out and shit, but its just like the situation im in with her is so stressful, but i kno if we got out of this town it wouldnt be, its because of all the ppl in this town that are relationship is stressful to begin with, bc last weekend we went to conneticut and when it was just us, it was magic, but as soon as we go back, its stressful, so this is fuckin killin me.... |

    ...next, i get to thinkin about my best friend...and i mean BEST, and then it turns out that this kid would give up on me so easily, and it really just seems like no one loves me...plus solitude is a reason to die...its just no one seems to kno who i am, they dont kno how hard it is when no one loves u, idk, maybe im just depressed or over reacting

    any advice will be greatly appreciated but if u dont wanna respond or even read this..its understandable, once again sorry if this pisses any one off....sometimes i swear shit would just be better if i died, i hate to sound o whoa is me, cuz i hate it when ppl do that shit, but truth is that its not like that..i just need advice, and for anyone who takes the time to read this, i thank u
  2. well first off, good luck with all your shit, now and whenever it comes up again.

    And it sucks when girls cant see through dudes like you can doesnt it? Being a guy, and hanging out with guys, i know how guys think, and some girls dont realize they dont all mean well when theyre being real nice. Eventually everyone learns, sometimes it hurts, but as long as you learn.

    and i know what you mean about needing weed cuz ive got a lot of shit running through my head lately, especially after last night, which i would explain but it would involve emptying the entire contents of my heart out, and im not good with words to begin with, and even still, i dont think shakespere could put what i have to say into words.

    about your friend i dunno what to tell you because i dont know what happened.

    so yeah, again, good luck, just dont kill yourself. id take solitude over the chair anyday, im cool enough to hang out with even if theres no one else around.
  3. honestly man, quit being a bitch and just go on with your life. theres always tomorrow and theres plenty of other girls out there
  4. smoke a fat blunt.........relax........think about everything........sleep on it......
  5. smoke a phat bl;unt and listen to zebrahead, they set a good exampl of how serius to take life, Not at all, fer serious, get some funny music on and life wont seem that bad



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