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99 plant grow card

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by mrgreenthumb13, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Canamed now offers a "420" cultivation growers card. You can have up to 99 plants and 2lbs of dried marijuana. Same right and laws as being able to have 6 plants and 8 ounces of dries marijuana.

    My questions is, is this true?
  2. isn't that for caregivers or commercial growers?

  3. idk it was offered to me. and i figured it was a good idea, since with 6 plants you can easily get over 8 ounces so why not have 2lbs died instead and be safe.
  4. where do you live??
  5. Santa Barbara.
  6. I'm sure that dispensaries are not allowed to raise the grow count what your doctor recommendation says is what you get you don't get more pills just because you want some
  7. California med patients are allowed to grow as long as they have a doctor's rec, and the California Supreme Court struck down the limits on cultivation and possession. Cards like this seem like a money-making ploy to me, just don't grow enough to attract Federal attention and you're good...
  8. Well it's on paper and legit. So I think it's good. 11 sounds like a fair number to grow.

  9. I'm growing 11 plants on my next round, starting sometime in the next few weeks. I only have a doctor's rec, no state card or anything. Unless I've seriously misread the law, I'm still perfectly compliant. And I didn't have to give anyone my $$$ for a "cultivation license" of any sort.
  10. Mhhh. Well it was through canamed. Same doctors rec as last time. But instead of 6 plants I can grow up to 99. It was more expensive that was it.
  11. The laws vary from city to city, state to state. Most So Cal cities are still limited by the 6 mature 12 immature plants or 8 ounces law. Some NoCal cities allow you to grow 10/48/72 plants.

    the 99 plant license is for commercial growers. But most likely pretty much anyone can obtain it? I know my friend that grows commercially has that license. He is allowed to have 99 mature plants. of course the grow building cannot be a residence. I just don't see how you can safely grow that many plants in a residential area...surely the neighbors will find out sooner or later and complain...so you need to find a commercial spot.

    just stick with 6-10 plants.
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    I totally get that. Well it is a residences, so ya. Safely? If it's legal it should be safe in a way. And as long as your neighbors are chill there shouldn't be a problem.
  13. My friend grows commercially in a warehouse. He has another business he uses the warehouse for but grows in a large side room and no one who comes in the warehouse even knows there is any weed plants. He uses a carbon scrubber. He's got 75+ plants in there. He didn't know how many exactly haha
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    Ya I'm not that extensive with that many plants ha. I just want my plants for me and me only so I can smoke ever day and enjoy life.
  15. Well the limit for me is 12 and I easily stay below that but if I could I would grow full time and large scale and do that for a living. I love growing. Even if I didn't smoke I would grow
  16. THIS CARD WILL NOT PROTECT YOU IN COURT! You have to be able to prove that the amount you grow is needed for your medical condition. Medical Marijuana Dr's will offer these cards as a way to get more business, they say they will go to court for you, and they do, but you still lose in court.
  17. That would suck. They need to just legalize already.
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    So I just wasted my money then? So its not real then? I have my papers I'm clean that's not fair.
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    Should I go back to canamed and complain and demand them to give me my money back and get back my normal card??
  20. At my Dr they have me fill out paper work and one of the questions is how much I smoke a day for my condition. My response was 1/2 8th to an 8th per day. That means I can grow approximately 2-3 pounds to accommodate my condition. Anything more than that, they could easily assume is for sales. How much do you smoke for your condition? Not 99 plants worth right? All the law allows you is what you need, and anything a Dr claims to allow you beyond that is illegitimate. I doubt complaining will do any good, as you already signed their agreement and paid them. Just grow as much as you need and if you go beyond that, be damn careful.

    I have a relative that's a DEA and I've scene them go to medical marijuana festivals to bust people. Even locally, state cards aren't fool proof and if cops see you with more than local limits then they will probably yank your crop. Then you'll have to go to court to MAYBE be returned your shriveled plants if you can prove you really needed to grow that much.

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