99 cent store CFL.

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by CrackLemonade, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I went to a 99 cent store and bought some cfls. They were two for .9999$
    Made by sunrise lighting 1678 lumens 23 watts, a standard spiral CFL. For 50 cents its a super deal. So if your a newb and need some cheap cfls, make sure you check your local 99 cent store. From the package I can tell its at least 2 years old, but that's not to bad.
  2. lol seen them a few weeks ago and picked sum up :wave:good deal
  3. Agreed, great idea. I'm always looking for a deal.
  4. Yeah, but what light spectrum are they?
  5. yeah i'm doubting that they are daylight bulbs for that price at above 5000k which are what you want for veg. However I could be wrong? Gonna go to the store and check em out

  6. +1. Did the package say the temp?
  7. i picked up one from the 99er the other day. i had a 23w but they had 40w 2700k for the same price so i picked up a 40w. now i got 2 68w and 1 40w. 99er! for the win
  8. Just finished a small grow with some of the 150w ones they work pretty dam good for a buck a pop

    40w = 150w rated / 2600L spiral cfls warm white 2700k
    23w = 100w / 1200L Warm white 2700k / In a relector bulb/shade like a spot light

    Back to not being able to attach the same pic more than once
    Have a pic of the packaging posted at~
    {2nd post down}
  9. :hello:
    Make sure you dont believe their inflated claims
    Use only real watts.

    They come in all temps.
    More coming.

    CFLs are cumbersome.
    Every light needs a connection to a grid.

  10. So did I.
    Hes right

    Nows the time for CFLs to flood the market to the avaricious economy-minded americaan shopping public from the Chinese factories and they are cheap as shit.

    All sizes, all prices in my nabe
    and they deliver on their promise
    I did a grow on them


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