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99 Bananas.

Discussion in 'General' started by blowbud4life, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Ever try 99 bananas. It's so yummy. it taste like bananas and is 99 proof. 49.5 5 per volume. about 20 dollars a bottle. Get some and get a pina colda slurpie and mix it. tatse amazing.
  2. Dude I had exactly what you said! Pina colada slurpee with 99 banannas. It has such a strong taste of bananna that you can take shots like its nothing. I love it but I have only had it twice... my friend steals random bottles from his grocery store so we try a bit of everything from time to time. Right now its JD :eek:
  3. I just drink it straight, but I liked 99 sour apples better :)
  4. Man up and drink some whiskey, you girly men. heheh. I kid.

    Schnapps and Soco and stuff makes me friggin sick. I am all about the scotch.
  5. i am ussually a vodka drinker but ive been getting into gin just recenctly, ive been drinkin gin and juice for the last 4 days and have to take a couple of days off from drinkin to recover, i ussually dont buy thsoe kind of drinks but i have bought a couple of bottles of 99 bannas.i drink alot of beer too
  6. holla!
  7. Tonite it's Jack on the rocks.
  8. I got alcohol on 99 Berries (along with almost a 6-pack and some rassberry vodka)... Haven't tried the bananas though... Sounds yummy...

    I'm more of a whiskey person (or vodka)... Jameson Irish Whisky all the way! Either on the rocks, or in ICB's, or with some coffee with some Baily's Irish Cream... Mmmmm...

    Sucks I can't drink much anymore though... I gotta be careful and shit now... :(
  9. i like rums, cheap ones at that cause im cheap. 151 or captian and coke or my go to's

    but if im really poor as i am often cause im paying for college i buy 11$ per 1.75 vodka. as in karkov

    i obviously currently just drink to get drunk
  10. I LIKE THAT SIGNITURE YOU GOT stoned_nate. PEACE And you all I'm gonna pick up a fith of that 99 banannas tonight and try it out. I hope it's better than that 99 apples shit, My brother bought a fith of that shit one night and I got sich as hell, that shits to sweet. Peace again
  11. 99 apples sucks. Hate that shit. I like 151.
  12. Well I'm pretty swhirly now off a pint of Crown.
  13. never had that, but it sounds good. i tried butter shots the other week and it was awesome. the butterscotch taste over powers the alcohol so much that you can't even taste it. and it's 80 proof.
  14. My friend took 10-11 shots of 99 Bananas in under an hour and was really, really fucked up. Puking evvverywhere..was fucking hillarious :D
  15. Sweet... I know that feeling... I downed a little over 1/3 the bottle in less than 20 mins (along with 5 brews, and some vodka)... Puked all over my car-port roof... Then in the trashcan on the way to the hospital, then in the trashcan at the hospital, then in the bathroom at the hospital... Then I rolled my wheel chair out side and layed down on the concrete where it was nice and cool - until my mom yelled at me to get up.

    I got to wait 6 hours in the ER before they even took my blood pressure... Fuckin ghetto ass hospital...
  16. I wish i had some, banana is my fav. flav.

    Im gonna have to try n find it somewhere..

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