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  1. Just a question.
    This is for all those athiests/agnostics/undecideds...

    If you were on your death bed, and you knew you were going to be dying within the hour. Let's say you're sick or something...not like gun-to-the-head or anything...would you become a christian?
  2. I think I might have left it to late by then.

    There's always the next life, eh?
  3. what have ya got to lose?
  4. No i would Be smoking some dank sippin some drank and bangin a skank...

    but once i think about it . the question starts to sink in .... NAwwww

    id probaly do the same as i said about
  5. No, I've lived my whole life as a proud agnostic, I wouldnt change. Its about pride.

  6. Atheist for life. I wouldn't start believing in god just because I'm dying.
  7. not a chance.

    i hope, first of all, to not have a death bed. i'd rather, in my old age, be taken doing something.

    if i'm going down, i'm going down fighting not laying down.
  8. "You want GOD but you could'nt deflate your ego"- Matisyahu
  9. The die-hard ones wouldn't. But, my religion would be the last thing on my mind if I was dying.
  10. It seems that there aren't too many death bed conversions. As a performer I know that you perform as you practice and in the same way you die as you lived your life.

    To any theists(read: rabid christians) upset by what they read in this thread, know that there are many atheists and agnostics that live their lives as if they knew God even though they don't believe in him. In the same way, I know many religious people who wouldn't know God if he was sitting on the edge of the morning cup of guilt.

    I do my best to judge a person not by the beliefs they hold(or claim to hold) but how they present them to others and how they live their life.
  11. i currently do not know my beliefs(unsure about god and all that)

    but i think if i was on my deathbed, i wouldnt change whatever i had been living my life as, just because a new issue has some up
  12. your dignity

    honestly if you did convert on your death bed would it really change anything, its not about how you died, its about how you lived
  13. i wouldnt, i dont think becoming a christian really helps if you dont believe in god..
  14. not a chance, i stick by my logic and my reasoning and my arguments that have made me who i am today. My opinions and views that ive fought tooth and nail over are mine and I used them to shape my current personality and views towards society. If suddenly I became a winey little brat begging for forgiveness from some god i dont believe in just so that incase something exsists that i dont think does i dont go to it...makes my entire life a giant hypocritical waste of time. Plus, why christian? so now christianity is the supreme religion in which for people dying you can now have your soul salvaged if u convert? fuck that
  15. nope...athiest here till i die...I do hope there is something after death but I don't think it will have anything to do with religion....will find out one day....
  16. That my friend is how I think. Real fucking crazy cuz I was just thinking about that by the time I read it.

  17. Thats Disrespecting the weed. what would make you want to put weed in your ass i understand bud turns u on it does me too but hav man. youre wasting it in your ass covered in shit you cant smoke that. i thought we started smoking for the taste of the smoke and the high it produced. now its in youe ass look what you reduced yourself too.
  18. What are you talking about:confused:
  19. not even death can scare me into changing my beliefs. if i was to die, i accept that and be proud of how long i lived.
  20. That's one of those questions that I (and I don't think any one can)can't answer untill it happens. I can't say I'm agnostic though, although I want to believe there is no god, because if there is, he hates me.

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