96 Percent of Dems Who Support Minimum Wage Hike Don’t Pay Their Interns

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  1. http://www.cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/matt-vespa/96-percent-dems-who-support-minimum-wage-hike-don-t-pay-their-interns
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    Even more reason to legislate harder, wider and deeper.
    Also, they should form a union.
  3. No shit. It is because minimum wage HURTS poor people and the elites kow it.

    They want to jncrease wealth inequality and thats why they want mininum wage

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  4. I did an unpaid internship this past summer, and was happy to do it. I got a top ten firm in my field on my resume, made valuable business connections, and learned a hell of a lot. If interns were required to be paid, it would have been much harder to get such a noteworthy internship, or one at all. 
    If I didn't feel it was worth my time, I wouldn't have done it. But yeah, the hypocrisy is kind of funny. 
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    Politicians work for their constituents, and it's their constituents who want a higher minimum wage.  They need to advocate for what they were voted to do. Ideally, anyway...
    The average working person generally doesn't have their own personal unpaid intern.  Unless you count having kids, lol.
    ETA:  Internships are not the same as employment.  It's not "job" in the sense that it's designed to be a permanent way for one to earn a living.  If you look at in terms of value, a 6 month internship working for a state senator is FAR more valuable (like, literally, in dollar value) in the long term than working for 6 months at a minimum wage job. Just because there's not a biweekly paycheck coming in, doesn't mean it won't pay off. 
  6. Internships are nice but the fry cook gets minimum wage or above so an intern at a major corporation or government office should get at least minimum wage too
  7. You're right there's definitely a big difference.

    I think by law internships have to be a certain percentage "education". I could be wrong.
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  9. First off, great source.  An extremely right leaning site posting articles attacking dems.  :rolleyes:
    Secondly, never saw anywhere in the article about how many republicans weren't paying their interns.  :rolleyes:
    Finally, most intern positions don't pay, or pay very little.  This is pretty universal throughout the country. :rolleyes:
    Consequently, this website, discussion, etc.. is nothing more than bullshit propaganda, sensationalism, and pseudo news.
    Yep.... republican, anti-education, propaganda.   Why go to school to work for free as an intern, when you could work for minimum wage? 
  11. Hahaha, since when? Politicians work for what ever corporation and special interest lobbyists bribe them with the biggest campaign contributions so they can maintain their parasitic lifestyle.

    While I agree that payment for an internship should not be mandatory because it is a voluntary agreement between intern and employer (for lack of a better word, and the intern is paid in experience, the hypocrisy is still a bit laughable.
  12. Democrats are all about spreading the wealth right? Well in this case they have a perfect oppurtunity to spread the wealth by paying their interns. But when they have a chance to make a personel decision to improve the lives of those who work under them, they choose the opposite yet they are going to tell others how much to pay their employees. Its all about hypocrisy. 
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    When did democrats become about spreading the wealth?  I know many liberals that agree it should be spread out, but I wouldn't call all or even most democrats, liberals.  Dems are all about money and power just like their opponents across the isle.
  15. The sad part is, only richer folks can afford to support their unpaid kids working those internships. Thus continuing the flow of the affluent into government, news, etc.
    It is hardly newsworthy, nor partisan, this shit has been an official exemption since 1995. :smoke:
    There is also a special exemption for Congressional interns from the FLSA definition of “employee” included in the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.
  16. A lot of students get them on academic scholarship and get academic credit. I saved money by doing it.

    I agree that this is not the same as employment, as it is educational.
    This doesn't even make sense.  It's an internship.  If they had unpaid interns while preventing private businesses from being able to hire interns... then it would be hypocrisy. They aren't trying to take away anyone else's "right" to hire unpaid interns.
    You don't seem to understand the difference between an intern and an employee.
    Apprenticeships and interns are a way of spreading knowledge and experience. The value of having "Intern for a U.S. Senator" on your resume will go a long way towards improving someone's life. 
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    It is hard to keep up with this ideology that can change it's arguements on the fly.
    Free market in action.
    Anyone can apply.
    There is no force involved.
    There is no "theft" wages used.
    Used by both parties, yet only the Dems get bashed (but continue to protest that you hate both parties).
  19. As much as I advocate a freer market, etc I do have to agree that only calling out a specific party for this is kinda ridiculous.
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    It completely went over your head. Why do these intern positions under democrats even exist, when these same democrats say everyone should be paid "fairly" for their labor?
    They aren't all hypocrites though. Some argue that unpaid internships are illegal.
    It's hard for you to keep up because you think this thread is saying there is something wrong with internships. There is nothing wrong with internships. The reason only Dems are being bashed is because they are so adamant about everyone getting "their fair share", whilst having people work for them for "experience". Newsflash, every job is "experience". It is hypocritical to shout that everyone should be paid $X/hr when you have people working for you for free. Libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism is pro-internship, anti-minimum wage.

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