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  1. Just bought a 400 watt hps system and it can't run on the same fuse as my a/c. FML
  2. Update your house Holmes. Fuses are old school. Install a breaker panel and install some high amp service breakers.
  3. I'm gonna try and run an extension cord from the other room underneath the carpet haha
  4. just make sure its a big gauge cord so you dont start a fire
  5. True that, is the only way I could use the 400 watts without an a/c be purchasing a tent? I'm really lost on how to ventilate this monster its in a closet that already has a hole in the wall to vent threw
  6. even then its gonna be a pain to keeps temps below 80 if it gets above 65 in your house...always good to have an ac if you can... if its cold enough keep the heat in your house at like 60 and suck cold air into the room
  7. Does anyone know an approximate difference in temp from a 400 watt to a 250?? I can apparently use 400 or 250 in my ballast
  8. And how would I go about sucking cold air in? My a/c blows out tons of hot air and that's it

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