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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elijames21, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I heard that on a vaporizer you get %95 of the thc in your bud. Where does the other %5 go if all the thc and bud is trapped in the vape going into the bag?
  2. The last %5 goes straight to your penis.
  3. If you get enough of that THC to build up in your penis its gets bigger! So load up some more bud and vape that shit! I need to get a vape. :(
  4. Well i thought it was a legitimate question but i guess not.
  5. It usually takes a few posts to get a decent answer.

    I have heard that plastic absorbs thc so maybe the bag does absorb some.
  6. Most likely destroyed during the vaping process. And sometimes (depending on vape heat settings), some of the THC is still left in the bud. That's why you can use AVB for things like hash/edibles

    Also, that 95% thing is really up in the air. It largely depends on the vape and the settings you use. Some wont get that much THC content out
  7. #7 Elijames21, Jul 31, 2011
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    Mogwai i saw your name and i'm like: their we go someone who knows what their talking about. +rep (i tried but i already repped you)
  8. well ill give him the rep for ya lol. but yeah it probably is lost when exhaling or like mogwai said. and lol for future reference the % sign goes after the number otherwise you are saying percent 95 instead of 95 percent lol and not being a dick thought it was funny.

    EDIT: look its my 333 post

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