95 degrees ferinhite!!!!!! to HOT for.....?

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  1. Okay so i finally got my 400 watt hps and i put it in my closet....and i turned it onnn.....and came back 5 min later and it was 95 degrees and it use to be like 79........is this bad? like what if the light is 4 feet above the plant and i have a fan blowing on the plants? or is it just a bad temperature all together? i have 2 computer fans blowing air into the close from the back of it...and then a duct fan (6") at the bottom and i turned those all on including the normal fan inside blowing on the plants and it still remained 95'ish....
    So my main question is: Is this bad for the plants? will it effect their growth or kill them...? and i herd that if its hott they somehow get more THC but i dont know if thats true is it..?
    Thanks so much everyone who gives advise/feedback
  2. Yeah, your plants will hate that. And by hate that I mean they will be very stunted, hermie, or good chance they'll die. You gotta get it under 85, ideal would be under 80.
  3. hmmm....when i use my two 150w fluoros i can keep it at 83......then it goes down to like 73 at night....so i wounder what i can do to use my frickin 400 watt.....i bought it and now cant use it haha......is tehre any type of thing that can like reallllly cool down the area? like blow really cold air that will turn that hot air into like...normaler air hah? that would be verrrry nice to find out..
  4. dude your gonna have to get a vortex blower www.cheaphydroponics.com those are the best no no no thast your only hope if you wanna turn your 400 watt again trust me I had the same problem killed 3 packs of feminized seeds(C99,Grapefruit,WhiteWidowxBigBud) get a P.O Box or get it sent to a freinds house
  5. Just some information for you on using a digital thermometer, make sure that its not directly under the light, it will give you the radiant temp and not the room temp. Ways to get a more accurate reading is to move your thermometer away from the light or above it, or put it under the canopy of your plants.
  6. I did a grow in an outdoor shed that was probably averaging 95 and was seeing 100+ regularly and 110+ on occasion. They didn't die but it REALLY slowed things down. They probably took like 4 months to finish flowering but it was some pretty good smoke.
  7. the first time I threw a 400 watter in a closet I had the same problem.. you have to get the air moving in and out of that closet.. and if you could a aircooled hood with air getting sucked out of the hood and directly out of the closet.. while another inlet sucks the air in.. they don't call them high intensity discharge for no reason.. :)
  8. ok sweeet thanks..i already saw that tho and i was like 'damn thats more then my light haha'.....so i guess...im going to have to....at some point :( damnn....
    oohh and why do i need to send it to a friends house....dont they like have discreet shipping or w/e? and why would that give the cops or anyone any sign of me growing things cause it could jsut be some normal fan.... or i duno...

    corndog- ya i have the thermometer between the pots where the light cant hit it .but i will be sure to keep that radiant temp thing in mind, thanks.

    irieluv - Ya i have a duct fan at the bottom of the closet and its 6" wide and its sucking out the airrr......but i wanted to put it at the top but it would have complicated things...so i dont know what to do haha..

    OH AND FOR THE VORTEX FAN THINg.........do i need to give it a hole to like suck air in it from the outside of closet or what?...how exactly does it work...and how is it screwed in or w/e.? does it actually cool the air or jsut blow air really fast?

    thansk everyone
  9. your closet must,adjoin to another room,,, now if feesible,you can cut a hole in both walls,allowing you to see into the adjoining area,,,,,[a hole 8'' will do fine] now set a shelf up at the base of that hole,,put a normal 6''to8'' fan in front of that hole,,,,this is how my setup is with a 400 also,,,,and it transfers my heat just fine,,,,ALTHOUGH,you must also have air coming in,,,,taking the door knob off that door,and leaving a exposed hole,will do fine,,,,when this is complete,a good way to test the air circulation,,,,in and out,,,is to hold a ciggarete over the inlet hole,,,,if its drawing that smoke in,then your inlet hole is fine,,,,on your exaust the same rule can apply,,,if it draws the smoke out,,then the heat is going out also,,,,you need a fan in there circulating a slight breeze,,,,just enough to make the leaves wiggle,,,,good luck
  10. Yeah i have thought of that but cant do that....cause its more of a armwa or however its spelled haha....and its suppose to be consealed from parents viewing in it and whatnot....actualy here is a link to my post i made a few weeks ago with pics and everything...http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=90350
    The closet is alot more suped up now tho, has ventelated foam walls, and shiny material (similar to mylar , but is those one emergency blankets for camping that are shiny....) covering the foam stuff...and of course fans in the back of it....and two 150 watt fluoros....and of course my 400 watt which i cant use......so ya just check out that link..How long do u think i should go until the 400 watt is a must (or if i move them outside) with the fluoros...like will the two 150's do it untill...like untill how big should the plants be? The largest one is prob 5 inches now and the largest leafe on it like 1" and 4 more smaller sets......

    Thanks again
  11. dude if you live with your parents,id suggest scratching this whole inside grow deal alltogether,,,,growing inside must be secure,,and the only way to sucessefully do this is being in your own place,,,,where u control who comes in your place,and where they go while they are in your place,,,,what would you do if you grew them for 9 wks. and one day coming home to check on them,upon looking ,, THEYRE ALL PULLED UP,,,,upon noticing this you turn around,and there stands your mom holding 6 of your plants by the roots,,,,waiting for a explanation from you....just a thought,,,,,grow yeah,,,but do it in the security of your own place...just my 2 cents:cool:
  12. Yeah its padlocked shut...
  13. yeah i guess if your room wasnt really visited that often by other house members,,it would be o.k.,,,during the sounds of a normal day,,you may not notice a noise,,but in the still of night when all is quiet,, your closets going to sound like it has a server in it...really this depends on the sounds your fans put off,, i dont think those computer fans are going to push/pull the amount ofair movement ,your going to need,,,,,that may be the root of your heat issue,, is too small of fans,,,
  14. do you have any kind of odor control?

    also (i might have misunderstood) but did you say that you have a 6 in. duct fan at the BOTTOM pulling air out?:confused:
  15. ya i have a 6 inch like duct fan that im using for pulling the air out.....(out of the closet) and it doesnt seem to do much even tho its like way strong....so ya ...and yes i have odor control..i bought a 90$ ionizer thats like 2.5 feet tall or maybe its 3 but ya i put that in my closet and it killllls the odors
  16. Get ONE OF THESE and ONE OF THESE and some ducting to put it together. You're good to go. What's so great about that cool tube is that you can get your bulb closer to your plants than with a normal hood. More light = more growth. More growth = more bud! Get the optional "wings" for the cool tube too.
  17. ya that looks soo good to use but thing is im broke...spent 500$ on all this stuff.....no wait like 400....and now im broke and i quit my job ahah so i needa get one again and im blazed as hell right now but yo i am gonna try to get that settup.....well no actually i been thinkin..now that its summer im just gonna grow outside...and once it gets colder i will probly have a job and lots of money saved up by then ...till then im passing out right now shit piece out

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