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  1. So my mom had this car for a while, its a 5 speed manual, 1995 honda accord lx. She has fully neglected this car. Im talking bout running with NO oil to atlanta and back to macon/warner robins.

    Ive had this car looked at by professional at dealerships, repair shops, people in my neighborhood, and close friends. All of them say its fuck. No compresson, only one pistons pumps, no oild, no gas, cracked block. But since its a honda it still cranks up and hits at least 15 mph.

    Enough ranting and typing, im looking for a new engine. Non vtec just a normal 2.2 sohc manual. Anyone know some sites and can a cheap new or used engine?
  2. Not much of a price difference get a b16 motor and tranny and thank me later. Try eBay or your local Craigslist.
  3. As he said above, local craigslist or junkyard. If you're not doing anything special with it, i'd say at this point anything is better than the engine currently inside. You're CHEAPEST option would be to find a sweet deal on a junkyard or craigslist motor. You could always rebuild that block, it'd be pretty simple. Magnaflux the crack, buy parts depending on how it looks inside and such. Honda parts, especially for that car, shouldn't be too expensive.
  4. You should be able to find a new motor pretty easily. Like the others said check craigslist, and ebay. There are a few JDM motor websites out there but the best bet would be local.
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    In an accord?


    H22 it, motor literally drops in.. Fuck a B16 in an Accord.. just sayin..and why am i sayin?

    B16 is NOT enough motor to push an accord. It would be slow as hell and is pointless as the original F22 was a better power plant then the B16 ever would be.. lol@thank you.

    Terrible advice man.. B16 =Going to be OBD2 to OBD1 as i think the Accord was OBD1, not a hard conversion but pointless.

    H22.. The ONLY motor that should be swapped into an Accord

    To also add: The F22 is still a better motor then a B16 ( in a CD5 chassis) - Sorry, still laughing at putting a B16 into an accord... why why why....
  6. Why dont people take care of there stuff anymore?

    I mean hell if somebody wasnt so lazy you wouldnt be have to dealin with all this
  7. There's a recycler called LKQ, they are all over the states, and will deliver and guarantee. I priced a 2.2 Accord motor on there a couple months back with 75K miles and it was $795....Don't trash your old engine, keep it for spares or part it out on CL....

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