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94 Days Flowering Kali Mist

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by JerseyPiff, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. So these plants are nearing harvest and I have a few questions I need answered.
    (Note: Both are Serious Seeds Kali Mist)

    I have yet to see a single amber trichome. Is it ok for me to keep these plants going for so long? Should I start flushing after I see an amber trich or before?

    Take a look at the first three pictures. This is my nicer plant. It's got a lot of purple leaves, I'm not sure why. It's also got some dying leaves, but I don't really care. I feel like it should be ready to harvest soon. Any suggestions for it?

    The next two pictures are my shittier plant. The nugs are really airy. There's a massive amount of leaf clustered in each nug. There isn't much purple in the leaves and there's also a bunch of dying leaves. What do you think is wrong with it? Is it just always going to have leafy nugs or do I have to do something to make them stop growing a shit load of big leaves?


    The last picture is my new clone that just started flowering. It's really pretty. Much healthier than any of my other plants.

  2. that is one hell of a long time to flower flush em out and start over with something
    thats done in 7-8 weeks the quicker you harvest that the faster youre off to doing it better on the next set...
  3. My thoughts exactly. You shouldnt be wasting your time and valuable space with anything that takes longer than 60 days. I go ten weeks from clon to take down (including veg)
  4. I feel differently -- choose the strain you want and, if it fits in your timeframe, grow it according to its own schedule. So what if other plants are supposed to finish sooner? You wanted to smoke Kali, and the only way to do that is to grow Kali the way it was meant to be grown.

    Having said that, while Kali is a much longer maturing sativa than the popular indica crosses, 13 weeks without the trichs turning is long. But...are you counting the start of flowering from when you switched to 12/12 or from when flowers actually began to appear? It can take a week or 2 in 12/12 before flowers begin to appear, and this should not be counted as part of the flowering time. So you might be less into flowering than you think.

    You said no amber, but are the trichs cloudy? If so you could harvest. Keep in mind that sativas tend to be heavier on THC and less on the other cannabinoids that THC degrades into, so you could see less ambering of the trichs in a sativa in any event.
  5. Indoor flowering time for SS Kali mist is 70-90 days

  6. I know that a lot of times sativas go over time for flowering. I've been counting the first two weeks, so fuck that, I guess I'm only 81 days into it now.


    I need as much time as possible before harvest, but I obvioulsy don't want to harvest late. I want like 10% amber, so it keeps the really heady energetic high of the early harvest I took. But, I need a lot of time because I want to figure out why that one plant has such leafy light buds. If I could possibly remedy that and make the buds fill out it would be ideal. My other plant has perfect dense buds and smells much better.
  7. do you use a magnifier too look or are you just looking at them and trying to see coloration change in the trichomes
  8. Get the Radio shack pocket microscope. that works great.

  9. I have a high powered magnifier. Don't worry about that. I'd rather you answer my other question. I don't care that the trichs are not amber.
  10. How bad is the smell of Kali Mist? I need to find a bunch of low odor strains and I want this to be 1 of them.


  11. any plant in a small container that flowers for over 70 days deffinatley needs a good
    flush two weeks prior to harvesting..
    what nutrients did you use throught the flowering phase
    i installed a reverse osmosis system last year for 120.00 so worth it

    is youre water fluoridated ?
  12. Hard to diagnose from here why one of your plants has leafy, airy buds. Airy, fluffy buds can be caused by high heat, but if your buds truly are "leafy" then that sounds more like genetics to me. I doubt there is much you can do about it now for that plant, you won't get it to suddenly dense up if that's the way it's been growing.
  13. The smell is minimal. There was a strong smell during vegetative growth, but it pretty much disappeared. There's a little smell now, but it's not bad at all.

    This isn't hydro, btw, dude.

    Thanks for those tips. I guess I'm going to have to deal with shitty buds. Better than no buds.
  14. Flowering for longer equal heaiver and more buds? i'am i wrong because that thing looks like its gonna put out like 8oz drier.
  15. For the most and fullest buds, flower to full maturity. So, longer yes to a point, but then the plant will peak and then will start the decline and eventually die.
  16. What are your temps? Is it cool that would explain the purp and slow development as this has cursed me before.

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