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  1. :smoke:Ok I have no idea whats going on..Ive got 7 plants in flowering, alot in veg. ranging from clones to 4 weeks in soil pots. Now in both rooms all age plants are getting purple stems to large fan leaves and purple pin stripes on main stalk. One in flower room even wilted really bad. PH on runoff is 6.5 the soil is 6. I have them in 2 gallon pots, use Foxfarm ocean forest soil and ff grow big, tiger bloom,& big bloom ferts cut all measurements by half, but feed every other time.
  2. Call 9-1-1 and have the police come over immediately! They can still be saved! :D
  3. How often to you water?
  4. Every 2 days. Half gallon per 2 gallon pot, or till I get a slight run off.
  5. 1 gallon for each foot of height. How big are they? Pics would be nice.
  6. Im sorry I cant get pics off my phone on here for some reason, and computers crashed. Damn my luck! LOL.. Anyway.. this is happening to all of my plants in all stages clones, veg, &flower. Flower plants are 20 inch mid week 2. Veg room any where from clone to 12 inch. At first it started on a NYC SOUR DIESEL, I thought maybe thats what it looked like( first time for this strain), but then it went to WHITE RHINO, now my SKUNK is also doing same thing.
    I have looked online and a few books but I cant find anything that fits 100% to my symptoms. Yet so many things seem so close, im at a dead end.:confused::mad:
  7. Is temp a possible issue? I know some times in cooler/warmer temps color can very. Day time temps can hit 80 and at night lows 63. Until I get a thermostat or another way to control I thought this would be safer than the chance of over heating. Thats the only change I have really made.
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    this should be reffered to as soil in your bucket per foot., not watering. just an FYI for everybody. sorry if my spelling is wrong, i am drunk. :bongin: water small ammounts (water some, wait for it to soak in, repeat) untill you see runoff, than it is watered. doing more can overwater.

    purple stems can be a sign of a phosphorus deficiency. cold tempratures can " lock out " phosphorus.

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