911 Call Screaming Chimp, Frantic Owner (Graphic Audio)

Discussion in 'General' started by TONYBEME, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. happened right near me, some lady at the vet hospital got her face fucked up

    they should sew the chimp face on the lady just for lulz
  2. She was giving the chimp Xanax in his tea

  3. Dam that shit sounds dramatic. Fucking chimp, dudes are strong as fuck. 2 ladys or a chimp, we know who won.
  4. this happened in a town over from me

    the lady brought the monkey an elmo doll and it flipped

    ya u prob shouldt show a giant chimp a red monkey looking thing, it may freak em out a bit
  5. My friend, who is somewhat of an animal expert told me that random attacks like these from domesticated wild animals usually has to do with a repressed memory from the animal's childhood being brought up. She said that apparently they aren't even fully conscious of what they are doing they just get blinded with rage (i.e. a memory of being taken away from their mother surfaces).

    Shit is fucked up.
  6. ^ they said that the woman who was attacked had cut her hair since the last time the animal had seen her, that could have easily set off the chimp.
  7. makes me sad because the monkey i guess was protecting its owner and when it got shot it crawled back in its cage and died

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